give a year of creative inspiration

give a year of creative inspiration!

hello, lovelies! i want to share with you a special gift idea for the creative in your life. i created the roost tribe over two years ago as a special place where i could share what i’ve learned on my journey and pass along the secrets to my success. i set out to create something i could have only dreamed of being a part of when i was starting out as a blogger, surface pattern designer and professional creative.

today, our tribe has members from over 40 countries. members are encouraged to follow their dreams, share their talents, and find strength in community. together we’ve built a home for inspiration, creation, and fun!

when someone joins the roost tribe, they’ll be joining a community for creatives and taking a step towards opening the door to the future they’ve always dreamed of.

-- Learn My Secrets --

study up with exclusive articles, Adobe Illustrator tutorials, and e-books i’ve assembled to help aspiring creatives get started.

-- Designs That Inspire --

every month, members get a collection of my favorite printables, patterns, illustrations and clipart you can use in your designs to bring your inspiration to life.

-- Articles and Expertise --

discover my tips for simple living, indulge in my favorite recipes (yum!), and learn from the best with guest articles from the roost tribe master series.

-- Affordable. Personal. --

the roost tribe is for real people with real budgets. discover how a small investment can make a big difference!

gifted memberships will receive a digital packet with a personalized membership certificate, an 8×10 inspirational art print and a ‘how to get started’ kit.

after you complete your purchase through paypal, i will get in touch with you via your paypal e-mail address. included in this e-mail will be an easy form for you to fill out sharing with me your information, preferences and the recipient’s information. all of the recipient's roost tribe material will start on january 2nd, 2015. i can't wait to fill the new year with new inspirations!

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