master series: allie marie smith

master series - allie marie smith

this friday, the roost tribe will be welcoming allie marie smith to the master series as she joins us to discuss true beauty and how to "break up with our ideal self". i'm so happy to call allie a dear friend, and my life has been personally blessed by her life giving words. allie speaks a truth that will change your life. after hearing or reading from her, you're sure to leave inspired, enriched and encouraged.

more about allie: Allie Marie Smith is the Founder & Director of Wonderfully Made, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to instilling value in young women. She lives in Santa Barbara County with her husband Paul and loves to surf, teach Spinning classes and ride horses. She is the co-author of two books titled "Healthy Eating and Abundant Living" and "Becoming Who You are in Christ." She enjoys writing and is a contributor for Darling Magazine and To Write Love on Her Arms. She has appeared on national radio and TV. Her latest venture includes developing an iPhone application called “Body Beautiful” which is an app for “true beauty on confidence.”

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i think you'll also fall in love with wonderfully made. it's is a voice of love for today’s generation of young women. they exist to share the truth about your value and worth, to spread the simple, life-changing message that you are not an accident —that have been lovingly and wonderfully made by God for a beautiful purpose.

you are loved
you are unique
you are needed
you are worthy
you are made for so much more
you are wonderfully made

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allie has also made one of the first iphone apps that promote true beauty and positive self-image. body beautiful helps you cultivate a positive self-image and encourages true beauty with inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools.

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so come join the roost tribe and get your learn on! don't forget, allie's life giving article will be sent out this friday, april 25th.

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