master series: tara gentile

the master series: tara gentile

this friday, the roost tribe will be welcoming THE tara gentile to the master series as she joins us to discuss “the power of positioning“. tara and i go way back (almost 6 years!) and though i'm not sure if she knows it, she was one of the primary people who helped me get my creative biz off the ground. over the years, her business insight has knocked my socks off. she's total rock star and marketing GENIUS and i'm honored to have her contribute to the roost tribe this week.

tara is the creator of kick start labs, a microbusiness community and resource library where over 200 members support each other in navigating the new economy. she’s also the founder of CoCommercial in astoria, oregon–a coworking and education space for independent works and thinkers. her work has been featured in fast company, forbes, dailyworth, design*sponge, creativeLIVE, sxsw, etsy, and the new york times bestselling book, $100 startup by chris guillebeau. just to name a few!

LIVE THE FUTURE/the show tara's latest endeavor is one you won't want to miss. LIVE THE FUTURE/the show is an an 8-part audio miniseries, aimed at understanding how we’ll live in the future and how that future is now. it aims to bring leads across all aspects of life together to discuss what’s already changed, what’s shifting now, and what we can expect in the future. the goal is to bring you new ideas, inspire you to make fresh changes, and open your eyes to emerging possibilities.

tara will be interviewing over 20 thought leaders and pioneers on our rapidly changing culture and what we can expect in the years to come. you can see the full guest line up and sign up to receive every episode (for free!) here.

tara elsewhere: web | twitter | instagram | facebook

so come join the roost tribe and get your learn on! don’t forget, tara's article on "the power of positioning" will go out this friday, may 16th.

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