alkaline water

our body's crave an alkaline pH. i first learned this when i read thrive, a book i highly recommend! in a nutshell, keeping your body in an alkaline pH zone is one component of long-term optimal health. disease, viruses and bacteria can thrive in a more acidic environment but struggle to survive in an alkaline environment. adding more alkaline-forming foods with a clean, plant-based diet can help you combat inflammation, reduce stress, and protect bone health.

unfortunately, the typical american diet is acid-forming, consisting usually of animal-based meals and processed, or refined foods. generally, the more processed the food is, the more acid-forming it is. adding alkaline-forming foods is easy though and it can help keep your body at a healthy pH!

here's a short list of alkaline and acidic foods:

acid forming foods:

processed foods, artificial sweeteners, sodas, all meat, seafood and chicken, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, coffee, candy, chocolate, sugar, tobacco, wine

alkaline forming foods:

most fruits , most vegetables, almonds, chestnuts, ginger, honey, kelp, tofu, nutritional yeast, brown rice, olive oil

see a more complete list here.

alkaline water for tea and coffee

water generally has a pH of 7.0 (which is neutral), but essentia water has an alkaline pH of 9.5! since coffee and some kinds of tea are just about the only thing i consume on the acidic side, i've started to make both of them using alkaline water. i love it! it really seems to make them both taste a little brighter, and my coffee less bitter. reducing the acidity of coffee will also make it easier on your stomach, I read the best water filter pitcher comparisons reviews so I have a backup when I run out of Alkaline water!

so in a nutshell, consuming an alkaline high-pH water helps neutralize the body’s ongoing acidic contaminants. keeping your body on the alkaline side of things will help you maintain bone health and bone mineral density, fight inflammation, reduce uncomplimentary stress, improve your sleep, combat fatigue, support cellular regeneration and improve your overall body composition.  you can read more on all that here!

so, it's a no brainer right?! eat less acidic foods and more alkaline foods. drink alkaline water to help optimize your body's pH and offset the acidity that you do consume.

this post was kindly sponsored by essentia water. however, all views and ideas here are my own.

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  • Acidic acid water is called beauty water in Asia because it is used extensively for its beauty benefits. Acidic acid water acts as a astringent and tonic. Small skin irritations can be acidic to soothe, and it can even be used in emergencies when irritated.