no such thing as a green thumb

no such thing as a green thumb

well, isn't that the truth? this sentiment, beautifully illustrated by justina blakeney, really hit home with me. i like to say i have a 'murky green thumb', but in reality i just don't do my homework. i'm determined to change that! justina encourages us to bring home a new plant and then do our homework. google it. learn what kind of light it likes and how much water it needs. if it looks sad, move it into another window. love your plants. what do you think.. yes?

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  • I had about six house plants going but recently I had to move them all outside. They got infested with gnats and no matter what I tried they wouldn’t go away. It was absolutely horrible! My house is so sad looking without my plants. :( The recent story about your grandmother having so many plants is just so inspiring and lovely. I wish I could have the same. Any tips or tricks?

    • Oh no! I’ve had that happen as well. I have to take care of the gnats and then reintroduce the plants. I’m not sure the best way to prevent it though! My grandmother inspired me as well, I love all of her plants!