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the handmade marketplace by kari chapin (3)

many of you are probably familiar with kari chapin's creative guide for crafters, the handmade marketplace. i'm excited to share that kari has just released the 2nd edition and it's bursting at the seams with info for the artisan! kari teaches us how to make money (and a living!) at doing what we love by selling our crafts. the new edition has updated info on how to best utilize the latest on-line and social media opportunities for sales and marketing, perfect for the modern crafter!

i'm thrilled to be included as one of the experts for the 'creative collective' in the book as well! inside, i'm sharing tips on blogging, how to get inspired, how to build a community around your craft and more!

There are so many great tips from business owners regarding branding, marketing, blogging, social, media, online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, etc. And I’m thrilled (and honored) to be included as one of those business owners… - See more at:

you can find a copy on amazon, barnes & noble or on indie bound (all for under $12!).

the handmade marketplace by kari chapin (4)

the handmade marketplace by kari chapin (2)

the handmade marketplace by kari chapin (1)

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  • Is the second edition very different from the first? I’ve read the first a few times before setting up DeBoop Shop with my mom, but was curious if I should maybe snag a copy of the second edition and pass the first on to another creative genius starting out.

    • hey kelly! the second edition has a lot of updated info for the modern marketplace regarding social media, etc. new perspectives from a new creative collective and new strategies for marketing your business online as well!

  • Thanks Bonnie! I’ve been meaning to buy this book for a long time, but just purchased it thanks to the second addition. Looking forward to it :) Happy Friday.