5 fonts to fall in love with

5 fonts to fall in love with (6)

rivea upright by madpie paper works

i believe i’ll always be in love with the wonderful world of fonts. the market today is abounding with quality, handmade fonts. i could look at them forever!

i go through spells of discovering new fonts, usually tipped off by a design project. most recently, i was working on an invitation to my upcoming baby shower and wanted something sweet and simple for the title. the one’s i’m sharing with you today are just a few that i fell in love with along the way!

speaking of, what are your thoughts on having a shower for baby 2.0? i know the topic is a little controversial, but i err on the side of getting together and celebrating new life! i know mommas usually have most of the things they need by the time a second (or third!) child comes along, but there are always things we need (especially if baby 2.0 is of a different gender). diapers, a double stroller, another car seat, etc. plus, i think it’s fun to celebrate with friends and family around the larger events in our life. do you agree?

do you have any favorite handmade fonts right now? be sure to share them with us in the comments section so we can check them out, too!

5 fonts to fall in love with (1)

pillowbook by lisa glanz

5 fonts to fall in love with (2)

loveton by irwanwismoyo

5 fonts to fall in love with (3)

westcoast by cultivated mind

5 fonts to fall in love with (4)

helena by noe araujo



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