inspirational art print no. 2

inspirational art print no. 2

today i'm sharing with you the next print from my new line of inspirational art prints. each of them portray a quote that has meant something very special to me over the course of my creative career, and i keep them all close to my heart.  (you can see no.1 here and browse the full collection here!)

No.2: doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. – suzy kassem

it's true, doubting your ability and being scared to start on a dream is usually far more limiting than your actual skills. why squash your dreams before you even try them? what do you have to lose? sometimes the hardest part is just getting starting, but once you begin following a dream all the steps will fall in to place. failure of some sort is bound to happen, but it will only help you progress further and further.

to make things happen, you have to get serious and re-evaluate your priorities. this will be different for everyone, but may look like: living in a different place/house, becoming a one car family, eating and cooking differently, traveling less, etc etc. what you need to know is that big sacrifices are necessary (usually), but they are temporary and the future pay back is worth it!

for me, i dreamed of following my creative heart and turning my passions into a career. so, i decided to give it everything i had. i mean, what's the worst that could happen?! but, the early years of following a big dream usually aren't pretty.

david and i sold a car and became a one-car family for about 3 years. we cooked at home almost exclusively and buying anything new (clothes, home decor, etc) was something that rarely happened. i decorated from second hand stores. we lived pay check to pay check and struggled most of the time, but i worked really hard. i think seeing me work so hard is what helped david continue to believe in me. he saw me following my dream, loving my work and being super passionate about it and he continued to support me. he also saw progress, even though it was slow! it took me 4 years to match his income.

i only share my story with you so that you know where i've been. and i still have lots of big dreams i'm working on! i hope it encourages you, and no matter where you are on your journey!

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