skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0!

oh boy, OH BOY, oh boy. i just hit 'publish' on my second skillshare course, surface pattern design 2.0! this course is a follow up to intro to surface pattern design and is designed for the person who dreams of becoming a professional surface pattern designer.

in this 1.5 hour class, i walk you step by step through the process of creating a pattern collection that is unique and engaging, and i'm sharing all of my industry secrets with you along the way! we'll discuss what to include in your portfolio and how to begin contacting companies to start your career.

whether you're looking to become a professional surface pattern designer, or are just hoping to enhance your pattern building skills, this course is for you!

 PLEASE NOTE: this course is a follow up to Intro to Surface Pattern Design. please begin with the previous course for detailed training on adobe illustrator, color palettes, sketching, motif design and repeat pattern design!

skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0 by bonnie christine (2)


i'll walk you through step by step to creating a unique and engaging pattern collection.

  • learn to create a repeat pattern.
  • design a collection that is engaging and thoughtful.
  • apply your patterns to products and mockups.
  • why it's important to craft the perfect portfolio.
  • how to get noticed in the industry and begin your career as a surface pattern designer!

this course is designed to give you all the industry information and creative skills you need to start start your career as a surface pattern designer, plus it will motivate and inspire you to follow your creative dream!

here's a glimpse at my pattern collection for the course:

skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0 by bonnie christine (1)


So inspirational, very informative, this is the best class I have taken on Skillshare to date. I am a seasoned illustrator user but I still learned so much. Thank you Bonnie Christine. Cavell Ferguson

I loved this class! I've always wanted to design patterns and never knew where to start. Thank you so much Bonnie Christine! You really made me understand every single step, you're a very good teacher, I can't wait for your upcoming class. Greetings from Mexico! Carla Antillón

Intro to Surface Pattern Design + Learn Adobe Illustrator does exactly that. It's a great in-depth course on the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how it pertains to the world of creating surface/repeating patterns. Bonnie speaks clearly and slowly throughout the videos and she expertly takes you through the various tool bars and menus of Illustrator. I think it's one of the best comprehensive classes I've ever taken on the subject of pattern design and Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for taking the time to make these series of videos, Bonnie! Adriana Bergstrom

The illustrator tips and shortcuts alone were worth the price of admission (and I thought I knew illustrator!) I learned SO much before we even got into the designing. Once we got into designing it was like a whole 'nother class. I highly recommend this class. It's a two-fer. Kara Garrett


i hope you’ll come join us for surface pattern design 2.0 over on skillshare now!

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