the slouchy backpack sewing pattern

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (7)

though i’ve peppered their names throughout several blog posts over the last few months, it dawned on me this morning that i’ve never really taken the time to introduce to you my new pattern line! the bonnie christine pattern line consists of 6 patterns that my mom, maxie makes, and i have collaborated on creating for sewist’s and creatives of all kinds. over the next several weeks, i want to introduce each pattern so that i can tell you more about the inspirations behind them and share with you the photos and samples we’ve made of them.

working with my mom on this project has been so fun and exciting! maxie has been sewing for over 50 years and has owned a beautiful quilt shop for the past 10 years called A Stitch in Time. She has written hundreds of patterns and has had several published and distributed around the world. when i have an idea for a pattern, i toss the idea to her and she begins working on a concept and pattern. once we’re happy with it, we make several samples and i begin illustrating the pattern. then comes the fun part – photographing the projects and debuting the pattern!

the first pattern i want to share with you today is called the slouchy backpack. it’s a beginner-to-intermediate friendly project that can easily be made in an afternoon. the slouchy straps make this  back-hugging backpack super comfy to wear or throw over your shoulder. you can mix and match fabrics for the straps, flap, lining and pocket, or keep them all the same for a stream-lined look (we used both winged and sweet as honey for the ones shown here). with a cinch pull and pocket inside, it makes a great hands-free purse for school or a run to town.  

we created the slouchy backpack because i love having a hands free bag to do all my errand running with. it’s especially helpful while juggling a baby!

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the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (5)

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (1)

though i’ll be sharing more about each of them in detail over the next few weeks, you can see all of our patterns here (they are available in both PDF and hard copy formats).

wholesale info: we are also happy to set up wholesale accounts for shops and resellers! if you’re interested, please email me for more info. we look forward to working with you!

the slouchy backpack sewing pattern (6)

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