A NEW Skillshare Class: Design & Bind your Own Creative Portfolio!

hey everyone! i'm so happy to announce my brand new skillshare class: design & bind your own creative portfolio!

this is a great follow up course to my first two classes, intro to surface pattern design and surface pattern design 2.0. BUT, i'm really excited to share this course with you, because it has a little something for everyone in it. and it's NOT just for surface pattern designers! photographers, illustrators, painters, artists, writers and creatives of all kinds will learn how to present their work.

learn how to design and bind your very own portfolio!


– why having a portfolio is essential for your creative career
– what to include in your book and how to make it a reflection of your brand and work
– how to design (and print) the pages of your portfolio in Adobe Illustrator
– how to actually build and bind your very own handmade portfolio
– tips on getting in touch with your target people and advice on shipping your book

i’ll also be sharing with you several examples of portfolios from creatives of all kinds! you’ll leave the course feeling inspired, motivated and prepared to hit the ground running with your beautiful portfolio.

we’re going to have so much fun- come join us over on skillshare now!


So inspirational, very informative, this is the best class I have taken on Skillshare to date. I am a seasoned illustrator user but I still learned so much. Thank you Bonnie Christine. Cavell Ferguson

I have taken illustrator classes in the past and I have to admit I have always struggled to crack the in's and outs of it all and especially when in a classroom setting having to keep up with others. I feel that Bonnie has raised the bar with her teaching, open heart and honest approach to tackling and de-mistifying illustrator for me. We all learn in different ways and the online platform of skillhare has given me the opportunity to learn the programme and create surface patterns at my place, to pause and to go back over various elements of the course has been of huge benefit. I'm sure I'm not done refreshing on these videos yet either. Thank you skillshare and Bonnie! Adrienne K.

Intro to Surface Pattern Design + Learn Adobe Illustrator does exactly that. It’s a great in-depth course on the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how it pertains to the world of creating surface/repeating patterns. Bonnie speaks clearly and slowly throughout the videos and she expertly takes you through the various tool bars and menus of Illustrator. I think it’s one of the best comprehensive classes I’ve ever taken on the subject of pattern design and Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for taking the time to make these series of videos, Bonnie! Adriana Bergstrom

The illustrator tips and shortcuts alone were worth the price of admission (and I thought I knew illustrator!) I learned SO much before we even got into the designing. Once we got into designing it was like a whole ‘nother class. I highly recommend this class. It’s a two-fer. Kara Garrett

Bonnie Christine is a complete delight. Articulate, intelligent, well versed in the sensitivities and considerations of others and well aware of what is required to become sustainable and successful as a repeat pattern design artist. She has edited her presentation with thoughtful quotes that keep the story going. So grateful she offered this here! Thank you! Ashley Aliko

learn how to design and bind your very own portfolio!

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