DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (3)

sometimes i feel like i live by the philosphy: why does that have to be so boring? i don't like to settle for the 'norms', so i end up doing things like painting this, making that, and covering all the things in fabric. it just makes me happy, and a mousepad is no exception!

i've made a fabric covered mousepad before, and though that one lasted a very long time, i think i've perfected the process! this time, instead of covering an existing mousepad, i've constructed my own - and it has turned out to better than any purchased mousepad i've ever had. it's sleek, thin, stays in place and makes me happy to look at. :)

though this post has a ton of pictures, don't let it fool you. it's super simple and i made it using materials i already had in my sewing room. it only took about 15 minutes to make!

psst! i used everblooming willow from my new fabric line, cultivate for this project. it will start shipping in just a few weeks!

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (7)

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (2)

here's what you'll need:

- adhesive cork - also available at your local mart or craft store.
- 12" x 12" piece of fabric - i used everblooming willow from cultivate.
- a 10" x 12" piece of fusible webbing - my favorite is lite steam-a-seam 2.
- 8" x 10" matboard or backing board - you know, the think placed behind an art print when purchased or shipped to you.
- fray check *optional
- other standard supplies: iron, scissors and pen.

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (9)

step 1: follow package directions for applying the fusible web to the wrong side of your fabric. generally, you'll remove a piece of paper and iron the fusible sticky side down to the wrong side of the fabric.

keep the paper backing on, and cut a piece of fabric that's exactly 8"x10".

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (10)

step 2: remove the paper backing from your 8"x10" piece of fabric you just cut, exposing the newly 'sticky' back to your fabric. carefully place the fabric on your backing board so it lines up with all the edges.

generally, your fabric will be tacky and re-positionable until you iron it. then, iron in place (again, refer to package instructions for heat duration), just be sure to NOT use steam, as this could make the backing board warp.

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (11)

step 3: next, cut an 8"x10" piece of adhesive cork. this will be the 'non-skid' bottom to your mousepad. begin removing the paper backing to expose the sticky cork. line one edge up carefully with the bottom side of the backing board and peel away to keep things lined up perfectly (refer to the image above).

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (1)

step 4: take a look at all your edges and clean them up if you need to (a ruler and rotary cutter is helpful for this!).

to give it that 'mousepad-y feel', you might want to round the edges. i grabbed a vase i had near by and placed it in each corner, traced around the curve, and cut the corners off using my pen line as a guide.

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (6)

step 5: optionally, if you'd like to ensure your edges stay nice and clean and never fray, you can run a thin line of fray check around them (i love this stuff!). be careful not to use too much, and let dry before you use your mousepad (about 15 minutes).

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (8)

now, you're all done! see how thin and sleek it is? i love how it feels and my mouse glides over it perfectly.

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (4)

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (5)

above and below is a glimpse of my workstation. i always keep a honeycomb mug home by computer and love sipping tea from my wingspan mug!

DIY Cork & Fabric Mousepad (12)

also picture above:

- share something every day by heidi ahmed
- notebook by katie daisy
- custom fabric painting by emily jeffords

i hope you enjoyed this lengthy yet easy tutorial! let me know if you make a mousepad yourself! xo

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