handmade onesies for our little girl

 handmade onesies for our little girl (6)

i’m so happy today is my stop on the cultivate blog tour, because i have such a sweet project to share with you. last weekend, my mom and i got together to have a weekend full of sewing for my little-girl-on-the-way (she’ll be here in just 3 weeks!). i knew i wanted to make her some soft and cozy onesies to snuggle in while she was a baby, and i can’t tell you how proud i am of the results!

speaking of my mom, we are double posting today for the cultivate blog tour! hop over to her blog, maxie makes, to see some women’s apparel made with these same knits, and visit salty oat tomorrow for her stop on the tour (see the full line up here).

handmade onesies for our little girl (1)

here’s what we used:

1) a combination of knits from my current fabric line, cultivate and my last line hello, bear (both available here). i can’t express to you how soft these knits are! art gallery fabrics is known for their luxurious fabrics, and these knits are no exception. they are sooo snuggly soft and incredibly easy to work with. plus, the stretch will give her a little wiggle room!

2) the lullaby layette pattern from oliver + s. i’m so happy we chose this pattern for these onesies. i would say it’s best for an intermediate sewer, but because it is incredibly well written and easy to follow, beginners should give it a try, too! it’s also a wonderful pattern to teach and learn from. in this single pattern, the sewer learns in-set sleeves, bias collar binding, how to insert a placket, pleats, elastic insertion and even how to attach snaps. it may sound like a lot, but the pattern is so well written you’ll have fun following all the steps!

butterfly applique on a handmade onesies!

vintage lace appliques on a set of handmade onesies

3) an array of vintage laces and appliques. i recently fell in love with using vintage appliques and couldn’t resist adding them here as well. i added a piece to the back of nearly every onesie, just to give it a sweet touch. i also added some soft lace around the collars of a few as well. and note – they are all on the outside of the knit, to be sure nothing will irritate her skin! a few of my favorite etsy shops for vintage lace appliques are threads 2 trends, textile art lace, to lace with love & petshopgirl32.

6 handmade onesies and finally - the PERFECT snaps!

4) snaps. if you’ve ever used snaps, you know they aren’t all created equal! thanks to my friend, the little general, i’ve finally found the perfect snap. they’re called KAM snaps (and i used the KAM pliers, too). they were so easy to install (no hammering!) and are incredibly sturdy. we even tested one and then tried to remove it, and literally could not – even with pliers!

5) and of course, a weekend for sewing! my mom and i had so much working on these together. we made 6 total (2 in each size) and i couldn’t be happier with them. now, i can’t wait for her to arrive so we can put them to good use!

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