My Ikea Skruvsta Chair – Recovered!

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (7)

hello, monday and hello, lovelies! i've been using the same chair at my desk for over 7 years now. it's ikea's skruvsta chair and it's been through a lot with me. from north carolina to colorado to california and back to north carolina. it's been the place where i sit to work every day through thick and thin. it's so comfortable and let's me easily sit with my legs crossed (which is a must!).

after all the travel, day to day sitting, coffee drinking and the addition of two littles, you can imagine how it was beginning to look. i found myself throwing a quilt over it when guests came over just so they wouldn't notice the grime. eep!

though i was afraid of ruining my favorite chair for good, maxie makes (my mom!) came over last weekend and assured me we could recover it. so i grabbed the bolt of my new canvas 'thrive' from art gallery fabrics and began cutting away.

you can see the before and after below!

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (1)

i quickly did some googling and found that a few other people had successfully recovered their skruvsta's as well. we loosely followed the same thing everyone else seemed to do:

  1. loosen the bolts and remove the top of the chair from the base.
  2. begin removing all of the staples (there are SO many staples!).
  3. carefully remove the cover and cut accurately along each seam. you'll use these pieces as your pattern (be sure to LABEL them so you know how they go back together!). *also, it's helpful to make numbered notches across each seam and match those notches back together when you assemble the pieces.
  4. lay your 'pattern pieces' out on the canvas and cut out each piece, adding back in a seam allowance.
  5. begin sewing the pieces back together. top stitch along the seams for reinforcement.
  6. make a cover for the seat cushion (i chose to do a simple envelope case for easy removal later on).
  7. begin fitting the new cover back on the frame.
  8. pull tightly and begin to staple the cover back in the same places you removed the staples from.
  9. staple, staple, staple, staple.
  10. attach the chair top back on the frame and you're done!

the whole project took the two of us about 4 hours from start to finish. and i love the result so much!

*a note on canvas: i can't say enough wonderful things about art gallery fabric's canvas. it's the softest, most vibrant and easy to work with canvas i've ever worked with. it makes me feel like i'm sitting wrapped up on a soft blanket all day!

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (3)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (4)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (5)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (6)

My Ikea Skruvsta Chair - Recovered! (2)

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