a printable! wordpress keyboard shortcuts

i'm a huge fan of using keyboard shortcuts. they save me tons of time and help me stay hyper focused and productive while i work. i first started falling in love with shortcuts when i learned adobe illustrator. knowing them reduces my 'clicking' time and helps turn my design time into a seamless and productive process. i'm sure from someone looking on, it looks like a bit of a dance - watching my left hand work the keyboard while my right hand draws on a wacom, all the while keeping my eyes focused on the screen.

p.s. i also illustrated a keyboard shortcut guide for illustrator a while back, you can find it here!

that's why when i realized there were keyboard shortcuts for wordpress (duh!), i was all in. i am huge fan of wordpress for blogging and using shortcuts has dramatically decreased the time it takes me to write and publish posts. my personal favorites are the 'insert link' and 'save draft post' shortcuts (pssst. CTL + K works to insert links in several other places on the web too, like gmail and mailchimp!).

it's hard to learn them all at once, so i made us all an illustrated guide to wordpress's shortcuts. you can print it and keep it near your workspace as a reminder until you learn!

to download & print: click here to download the PDF version. print using the high quality setting on heavy card stock (my favorite is epson premium presentation paper).

*please note! in order to use the keyboard shortcuts for the comments section, you'll need to enable them in wordpress (it's easy!). to turn this feature on, go to users > your profile and click “enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.”

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