10 creative supplies i use nearly every day

10 creative supplies i use nearly every day

i find myself using the same materials over and over again. they all help my crafty to-do's in one way or another, so i want to share them with you! i love learning about new tools of the trade, don't you? in fact, why don't you share one of your own favorites with us in the comments section!

1) pantone color guide: though this is pretty industry-specific, i couldn't manage without it. i use it anytime i design for a client and it's the only way to communicate color accurately. plus, it's beautiful to look through and fun to work with!

2) afterlight: my favorite app for editing photos. i generally use the manual controls, cropping and straightening tools.

3) borden & riley tracing paper. a wonderful tracing paper that scans beautifully and nearly eliminates the need for a lightbox.

4) winsor & newton indian ink. i keep this ink right by my desk so when i need to work on a logo or hand lettering project it's easy to grab. it's easy to work with, smooth and dark.

5) teuxdeux. my preferred task manager. i couldn't function without it!

6) palomino blackwing pencils. my 'go-to' pencil for sketching and lettering.

7) wacom cintiq. though i'm still using a wacom tablet, i'm saving up for a cintiq. i've been assured by several others that it's worth the investment and a total game changer when it comes to designing! i'll keep you posted!

8) merchant & mills paper scissors. they make cutting any kind of paper a breeze!

9) uni pens. the perfect dark, smooth inked pen for sketching with.

10) sketching notebook. i love to use a large plain notebook that lays flat when opened. this angles notebook from sasha kretova is perfect!

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  • I have a confession, I bought the Cintiq tablet and the blackwing pencils after taking your Surface Design class, AND I LOVE THEM! I’m so happy you posted about other products you love–definitely will check them out. Thanks for sharing!