a few outdoor updates at our home!

outdoor updates at our mountain home

spring always inspires me to work outside and get our outdoor spaces functioning well for the summer months. since we moved into our mountain home nearly 2 years ago, we've done a lot, both inside and out! i hope to share more images of the inside soon, but today i want to share with you a few pictures of our outdoor spaces (+ brag on my hubs a little!).

installing a square foot garden

building a square foot garden

one of our first priorities was to start a small garden. we also join our local CSA farm each year, so though we don't need to grow much, i enjoy planting our favorite vegetables and watching them grow. of course bear loves it, too! so, david built us two 8x4 square foot gardens. he had to dig into the banks to give them a level ground, but after that was finished they went together quickly. we stained the outside of the boards to keep them from weathering, lined them weed cloth and filled them with a mixture of organic soil, compost and peat moss. i keep lettuce, kale and herbs in one and a mixture of flowers in the other. i love having a square foot garden - it makes keeping up the garden so simple and really helps cut down on weeds!

adding plants

diy antler hose rack

we've also painted the entire house (it used to be a lovely dirt-yellow color), and added a few plants to the front side of the house. there's a lot more we'd like to do, like maybe paint the cement blocks and landscape a little more, but i'm so happy with how everything is coming together.

adorning a simple screened door

adding this diy mint screen door has made the entire home feel reminiscent of my child hood. i love hearing it slam behind me as i walk in the door (just me?).

diy antler hose rack

and of course, our DIY antler hose rack! it's been here for a little over a year and i'm happy to say it still works and looks great.

what spring projects have you been working on?

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