Design Challenge Winners + Honorable Mentions

hi everyone! today i get to announce the winner for the design challenge i hosted for my second skillshare class, surface pattern design 2.0! i’ve spent the last several days pouring myself into the student’s projects (61 of them!) and have enjoyed viewing everyone’s work so much. let me tell you, it has been SO HARD to choose a winner!

luckily, i had some help this time. stephen fraser, co founder of spoonflower helped me go through everyone's projects and choose the top 3 winners. thank you, stephen! everyone did an outstanding job and we have been blown away at the final patterns!

without further ado…

Design Challenge Winners + Honorable Mentions (3)

the winner is abandon by nikki o! i immediately fell in love with this collection. nikki does an outstanding job with each of the elements in the collection, and i love all the added textures she applied. the collection as a whole varies in weight from every angle. she includes dark and light contrasts, small and large scales and complex to simple repeats. she also does a great job incorporating some linear, directional and all over prints. great job, nikki!

From Stephen: This collection is well-thought out. Nikki does a nice job walking  us through the process of gathering inspiration and developing the elements of the collection. Good breadth to her collection. Interesting color palette with exciting and interesting design elements.  

for winning: nikki will receive a 45 minute personal one-on-one review and industry chat with me, $100 gift certificate to spoonflower, ten 1/2 yards of any fabric collection (her choice), lifetime membership to the roost tribe, and a set of 6 art prints from course presentations.


Design Challenge Winners + Honorable Mentions (1)

second place goes to morning stroll by sandra bowers. this is another delicious color palette! i love sandra's use of textures, beautiful florals and linear designs.

From Stephen: This collection offers a nice variety of patterns to suit a range of applications and a bright, contrasting color palette. Balanced collection that manages to combine both complicated patterns and simple designs.

for 2nd place: sandra will receive a $50 gift certificate to spoonflower and a 1 year membership to the roost tribe.


Design Challenge Winners + Honorable Mentions (2)

third place goes to spring revival by holly mccaig. this collection is just full of good feelings. i absolutely love her color palette and how she varied the complexities of each design. busy bee is just the cutest print!

From Stephen: Interesting color palette. Nice detail and imagery. Cohesive collection with well balanced designs. 

for 3rd place: holly will receive a $25 gift certificate to spoonflower and a 1 year membership to the roost tribe.


and finally, a few more honorable mentions! these patterns were all close contenders for the ‘top three’ and i love them each so much. take some time to visit the project pages below for these patterns to see each final collections.

by row:

1 – dreams of spring by crystal picard
2 – summer dirt by anna stout-tuckwiller
3 – a fresh beginning by whitney todd
4 – cuckoo by pippa shaw
5 – springtime by metka hiti
6 – butterfly dance by shelley s
7 – free to be by jocelyn friis
8 – morning on the farm by annika olsson pedersen

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