happy first day of spring!

it's spring. it's really really spring! i woke up to the birds chirping outside my window for the first time last week. i hadn't even noticed their absence during the winter, but as soon as i heard them i felt my whole spirit elevate. for the past week, i've been able to open our windows and teach bear how to call like the birds. tweet tweet!

oh! and i have roses on the way. they'll be here on tuesday! i've missed having roses in our yard ever since i left california, so i took the plunge and ordered several bare-root rose bushes from david austin roses. i hope i can make them flourish in our mountain yard!

this winter was hard. not really depressing, just long, dark and cold. plus, i was right in the depths of my first trimester, which i had a really tough time with this go 'round. i'm thankfully feeling better, but there were a few months there where i was really not feeling well (having to spend hours in bed, not able to eat or cook, etc).

this just makes me appreciate spring, warmth and energy all the more. the flowers above are the first blooms from our yard. i'm not sure what they are (?), but they smell heavenly. i'm wafting them your way now! my empty vases have been begging to hold something for too long now. i've planned my vegetable and flower garden for this year and will be starting their seeds next week. i'm just feeling light and airy and hopeful and wanted to share that with you. even if it's still cold where you are, the warmth is on it's way!!

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