inspirational art print no. 1

inspirational art print no. 1

i'm happy to release a new line of inspirational art prints over in my etsy shop today! each of them portray a quote that has meant something very special to me over the course of my creative career, and i keep them close to my heart. i'll be sharing with you more about the meaning behind each of them here over the next several weeks, but you can go ahead and browse the full collection here. each of them are available in 8x10, 11x14 and 13x19 print sizes!

No.1: it doesn't matter what others are doing. it matters what you are doing. - satsuki shibuya

today's print is about the overwhelm. when you're feeling all creative and juicy, and then start looking around the web only to find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed and zapped of all creativity. it's when you feel like everything's been done before, you have nothing new to bring to the table and everyone else is so much more established/talented than you are.

this overwhelm happens to me a lot. just when i have a grand new idea, it's almost certain i'll see something similiar out in the world almost immediately. ack.

this is when you must remind yourself: it doesn't matter what others are doing. it matters what YOU are doing. that's right! sometimes we all just need to put blinders on and do what we love. forget comparing yourself to others. the world needs YOU and what you're doing right now. you're unique, talented, special, clever and creative. run with it!

to purchase: browse through the inspirational art prints in my etsy shop and select your preferred size during checkout (8x10, 11x14 or 13x19). i'll begin printing and packaging your print with lots of love right away!


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  • Hi Bonnie! I love this quote and your own personal meaning behind it. You described exactly how I have felt (or feel sometimes) when browsing the web in my creative field. But I have learned to just turn it off and tune into myself and focusing on doing what makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing!