metalwork fox embroidery

metalwork fox embroidery by becky hogg

wow. just WOW! those were my thoughts exactly when i stumbled across becky hogg's metalwork fox embroidery. upon further investigation, i discovered that she offers a kit for this project and is also teaching a course on it through royal school of needlework! this particular course begins may 30th, 2015 and she's also teaching a course for a gorgeous goldlwork squirrel on april 18th. both are so striking!

though i'm definitely a beginner, i'm considering taking the course. i always love learning a new craft, you know? becky lives in southeast london, where she's currently working on combining metal thread work with wood to make a range of jewelery, swapping her fabric sheers for a saw! becky is a true artisan and master of embroidery working on one exciting project after another (she recently worked on The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress!). i think you'll really enjoy exploring her world via her website, shop and twitter. now go, and be inspired!

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