my future self

do something today your future self will thank you for

this quote from natural life really resonated with me, plus the design is beautiful, don't you think? it goes along with another favorite philosophy of mine: if it won't matter in a year from now, it doesn't really matter. thinking this way helps me focus on the most important things and helps me let the small things go. in the moment, it's easy for me to get distressed about a little lost sleep, a disgruntled email or a missed blog post - but in a year from now - those things probably won't really matter!

doing something each day with things that my future self will thank me for, means that each day, i'll accomplish something with real meaning. that i'll be working towards important goals and getting things done. that i'll be making a difference in my life and the lives around me, and work towards perhaps even leaving a small legacy behind me.

i want to be remembered for the important things in life. for doing things with meaning and for making a difference. for always putting my family first and raising my children with integrity, strength and a heart for the Lord.

for instance, taking an extra 15 minutes of snuggle time with bear each day is something that i will always thank myself for. reading books to him, teaching him how to be creative and exploring the outdoors with him. soaking up these sweet moments with him is the most important thing in my life right now and i'll cherish them forever!

i will also always thank myself for pouring extra energy into my art and business. for working really hard to to be the best artist that i can be and pushing myself to try new things and explore different ways of doing things. i am constantly learning new ways to design, and i love the ever-evolving nature of this industry. it allows me to follow my whims and try new things all the time!

i will always thank myself for being intentional in my marriage and putting my husband first. this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love and i will never take it for granted. letting him know just how much i love him and appreciate him will help me always keep our marriage on a pedestal.

TODAY, i will hold bear a little closer, start working on a new portfolio and send david an out-of-the-blue thank you text. it's the small things, right?!

what will YOU do today that you're future self will thank you for?

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  • Thanks for this reminder. I too get caught up in little things that just do not matter. Cherish all your time with Bear because they do grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday my husband and I brought home our daughter from the hospital and now 13 years have passed! I am sending a text right now to her and my husband thanking them for all the joy they bring into my life!

  • An especially-excellent post. We all need reminders now & then to stay in the present – to pay attention to the moment you’re IN. I’ve lived a lot of years, and it’s kind of wild how easily the supposedly “big” things fade from memory… But, the silliest ‘little’ things can stay with you for a lifetime.

    THANK YOU for sharing…