it's here! it's here! welcome to the brand new space for going home to roost (if you're reading this post in your inbox or reader, be sure to click over to see the new site)! i have lots to share with you this week, but first wanted to give you chance to click around and start feeling at home. you'll notice that we have a brand new page for the roost tribe as well as some new menu items to glance through.

as usual, i was blown away at jo klima's ability to take my vision and turn it into exactly what i wanted. my hope was to create a space that was sweet and feminine and reflected the love i have for the forest we live in. she also included several of my own designs throughout the theme which makes it so very personal to me. she is truly one of the most talented designers i know! and a huge thank you goes to nicki mckay for developing the site and making it work so wonderfully. there are just a few more things we're working on, but everything should be fine tuned by the end of the week. i hope you'll find yourself feeling cozy and comfortable here quickly. i know change is hard, but it's exciting, too!

love, bonnie

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