we’re back! the movers and maker summit 2015

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ok, we’ve been back for a couple of weeks now, but it’s taken me a while to soak in and process all the creative goodness from the weekend. it was sensational!

>> not sure what the movers and makers summit is? read this. :)

working from home means that it’s not often i get to connect with like-minded creative entrepreneurs in person (or any person, for that matter!). the weekend started off by meeting my online friends and co-presenters at the retreat: lisa jacobs, april bowles, kerri burki and paige maitland. most of us had never met in person before, though we had hung out on google several times in preparation for the event. let’s just say that sitting down over coffee and sharing a home together for the weekend was much more enriching then our hangouts and occasional twitter conversations.

our conversations were enlightened, rich and incredibly inspirational. one night, we stayed up until midnight brainstorming creative ideas while listening to paige’s husband, john french, play in the background. it was so magical, and i’ll never forget it. once the women arrived, it got even better – it was amazing to have so many creative minds under one roof at the same time!

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i was blow away at the creative drive and passion our attendees had. they were all incredibly smart, motivated and kind. we had a knitters and painters, sewists and yoga instructors. we all had different business goals, but were able to share with each other what worked for us all. i have pages and pages of notes from the weekend that i know i’ll be diving in and referring back to for months to come.

i feel incredibly honored to have been included in this special weekend. it’s something that i’ll never forget and i can’t wait to create more experiences like this in the future (hint, hint).

for more on the weekend, i highly recommend you read christina scalera’s review. she’s such a talented writer and i enjoyed meeting her and reading this post so much! i read it to my husband and he said ‘she has to write a book. she could write about a wall and make it engaging!’.

all photos by the sweet and talented paige french.


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