We’re off to have a baby!

hospital bags are packed. we're off to have a baby!

i’ve been waiting to write this very post to you for a long time now. i’m delighted to say that my bags are packed and david and i are off to the hospital to have our baby!

for those of you who might be wondering, i’ve decided to have repeat family-centered cesarean (you can read about my first one here). without going into much detail, this is the decision we felt eliminated the most risks and felt most comfortable with. i’m sure i’ll be back in the following weeks to share with you our little girl’s birth story, just like i did bear’s!

as for going home to roost – i’ve scheduled a few weeks of content here to keep you busy. :) you can follow me over on instagram to get up to date news and i’ll be popping in here from time to time as well.

thank you for all your prayers and well wishes! we can’t wait to meet this new member of our family!

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