woven wall hangings

woven wall hanging by alchemy

i've been nearly obsessed with all the woven wall hangings that have recently appeared in the DIY world. i first fell in love with the one above, by alchemy. belinda's creations are so organic and peaceful, don't you think? after researching for weeks, i think i'm finally ready to start practicing on my own. i hope to make a small wall hanging for our little girl's room. she'll be here in just 17 weeks!

i've started gathering yarn and utensils and am currently trying to decide between making my own small loom or purchasing one. erica has written a wonderful DIY tutorial here, but i also love how simple and beautiful all the handmade looms are (like this one and this one).

i'm probably a couple of weeks out from having anything to show, but i'll be sure to share my progress with you! how about you.. have you ever every work with tapestry or weaving? what advice do you have for me? i would love to see your projects, too! xo, bonnie

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