Charley and the Yellowstone Sprites (Book + Giveaway!)

Charley and the Yellowstone Sprites (Book + Giveaway!) (1)

i’ve been a big fan of amy hevron’s work for a long time now, so of course, i was so excited to see a kickstarter campaign from her last year for her children’s book: charley and the yellowstone sprites. of course, her campaign was quickly funded (see it here) and i’m so happy to see her darling book is now in print!

Charley and the Yellowstone Sprites (Book + Giveaway!) (2)

charley and the yellowstone sprites follows the story of charley the bison and his friends throughout all the seasons in yellowstone park. the illustrations are stunning, the pages and beautiful and the story is so sweet and captivating. my son bear (almost 2) absolutely loves it when i read it to him, and especially enjoyed the pack of stickers that came along with the book!

Charley and the Yellowstone Sprites (Book + Giveaway!) (3)

to celebrate the release of her new book, amy has bundled together of package of goodies to giveaway to one of you lucky readers! thank you so much, amy!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. congratulations cassidi (#15)!

use the from below to enter to win:

– a signed copy of charley and the yellowstone sprites by amy hevron
– a yellowstone babies art print
– a charley and the sprites art print
– set of matching postcards
– interactive sticker sheet

$120 value | enter by monday, august 24th, 2015

good luck! xox, bonnie

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  • Thank you for this! My baby is 3 months old and I slept with her on my chest for the first 2 weeks. After that she has been in a hanging bassinet I made, beside the bed. I am really feeling the co-sleeping idea, as I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of her being in a completely different room (or level of the house) but I wonder what age you think the babes would get their own bed? I am also curious as to what you feel about vaccinations. Thank you.

    • hey L! you should definitely read dr. sear’s book. i bet you’d love it! i also fell in love with the vaccine book (also by dr. sears) and we ended up doing his recommended vaccine schedule. i highly recommend the book!