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hi everyone! it is with so much happiness that i introduce to you our daughter, miss ollie doe! (if you follow me over on instagram, you met her a few weeks ago!) she was born on august 27th and has filled our lives with so much joy ever since. she has been such a sweet and easy baby. she never cries, sleeps well and is so content (just like bear was when he was a baby!).

we fell in love with the name 'ollie' after seeing it in my husband's family tree several years ago. though we don't know much about her great great grandmother, we know that she was a kind women who loved to cook and raise her family. we gave her the middle name 'doe' because it's sweet and feminine and reflects our love for the forest (you can read more about why we love unique names here).

speaking of bear (who just turned 2!), this has been such a sweet transition for our family. bear is full of curiosity and love for ollie. he constantly gives her kisses and tells us to 'check' on her. if he's not sure where she is, he starts saying 'baby, baby, baby!' until he finds her. his first word when he wakes up is usually always 'a baby!' because he wants to see her!

these two are such a delight for me to mother. i'm just overflowing with love and gratitude for our little family!

i'll be back to share ollie's birth story with you soon (just like i did with bear), but for now know that we're all doing very well and just working on getting in the groove as a family of 4!

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