New Nursery Art from Minted

nursery art from minted (3)

minted is truly a remarkable marketplace. if they’re new to you – get ready to be delighted by their website and mission!

as soon as i began browsing the pages of minted, i immediately noticed one thing: artists come first. with bits of designs, artist bios and beautiful artwork scattered all over, my eyes kept jumping from one gorgeous spot from another.

so how does it work? each month, minted hosts a design challenge for independent artists all over the world. the community votes on their favorites and minted sells the winner’s art in the form of prints, home wares and gifts. what a fun and engaging experience for everyone! brilliant.

nursery art from minted (2)

with two littles, i was naturally drawn to their gorgeous nursery art. minted definitely makes it easy to welcome our newborns into the world with beautifully decorated nurseries!

i chose four prints: 1) nighttime sky by shirley lin schneider 2) artic by becca thongkham 3) under the microscope by kayla king and 4) fleeting by betty hatchett.

i chose the doe and the bear for obvious reasons (my littles, bear and ollie doe) and thought that the two other prints offset them nicely and reflected our love for the mountains and great outdoors. i hung them right outside the nursery where the kids often play!

nursery art from minted (1)

i love how much they allow you to customize the products and prints that your purchase. i chose the whitewashed herringbone frames for these four prints, and they are so pretty!

head on over to minted to see more beautiful artwork, and check out their current design challenge as well!

*minted has a wonderful affiliate program of which i’m honored to take part in. this means that if you purchase something from minted after following a link from this post, i’ll receive a small compensation. as always, all of the opinions in this post (and every post!) are my own. :)

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