which will i be sewing with for baby 2.0?!

which will i be sewing with?

in case you missed my announcement a few weeks back over on instagramwe’re going to have another baby!!! i should have told you sooner. sometimes i feel like everyone is on instagram, but i know that’s not the case. it dawned on me yesterday that i hadn’t shared this special news with you here, so here i am! and it’s just in time – because TODAY we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. i’m completely indifferent either way and keep daydreaming about how either one would fit perfectly in our lives. i’m just anxious to start getting to know this little person more and more!

SEW, which fabric do you think i’ll be sewing with? i’ll update this post with the news once we find out (most likely late tonight or in the morning). who else is expecting? i love finding mommies in a similiar stage of mommy-hood (i’m due in september). i’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you! love, bonnie

*UPDATE* it’s a girl!!! we’re are beyond excited and overwhelmed with joy and love. thank you everyone for all your well wishes and sweet words!

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  • Congratulations Bonnie! I’m so happy for you and your family!
    We are also expecting! Our first baby is due August 29th and I’ve already been reviewing all of your baby posts for products and info ;)

  • Congratulations! We are expecting our first, due mid June. I am also making my very first quilt. I enjoy your blog, product info and FABRIC!!!

  • Congrats! We’re also expecting, but we’re expecting our first TWO in a few weeks…hopefully not before the end of April! We’re having a boy and a girl and are totally overwhelmed by the thought of starting parenthood with twins; it will be and adventure, that’s for sure! (Also, your post about products you liked for 0-6 months has been such a help, so thanks for that!)

  • Congratulations! We are also expecting Baby #2 in September. My first and your Bear were born within weeks of each other as well, so it’s been fun to follow your blog as I always feel like we are going through the same milestones. You can’t go wrong with either of those fabrics. XO

  • Congrats on such a wonderful blessing! Two are so fun. We have a boy and girl and they are 17 months apart and great friends (most of the time). :)

  • Oh what wonderful news!! Whatever God has made will be perfect! There is just nothing in the world like brothers (our first 2 children are boys) and having a girl (our third child) is a joy as well! We just had our fourth (another son) in August and it is a sweet time to have all kids little for a while longer (age ranges 8 yrs to 7 mos). I really admire your professional work and always enjoy your posts. Best wishes during this pregnancy! Can’t wait to hear the boy/girl announcement and to see pics of a baby bump!

  • Congrats! What sweet news for you & your family! I am sure Bear will be a great big brother. Can’t wait to see what you will end up naming you new addition :)
    We are expecting our first in August and are SO excited! We (hopefully) find out the gender of our little one next week :)

  • I’m so so soooooo happy for all of you! Your heart will melt with a baby girl, and David’s, well, he will just flip over and go bananas with love.

  • Congratulations!!! And a little girl, how very sweet. Ruffles and pink things and lace! :-) We were rather surprised when we found out #2 was coming, we certainly weren’t planning on our little ones being this close! As my due date approaches, I’m getting more and more excited about it. Hopefully, we’ll be in our newly renovated home by then, so it should be an exciting transition. :-D We’ve left the gender a surprise, just like we did with our first little man. Less than 10 weeks to go to meet this little person!

    Again, many, MANY congratulations!! :-)

  • Such great news!!! Congrats! After four heartbreaking first term losses, I am so happy to say I am in my second trimester (as of today!) and due in September as well! We are also finding out gender any day now…. so excited!!!