my grandmomma, past & present


grandmomma, past & present

my grandmomma, at age 83 & 18. my mom took this photo of her, and i could just look at it forever. her beauty (both inside and out) hasn't changed at all over the years!

this is such a special lady, and we have so much in common. her mother (my great grandmother) used to sew clothes for her as a child. then, my grandmomma picked it up and worked in a "cloth" store most of her life. this made my mom fall in love with sewing, and she began making all of her clothes by the time she was in middle school. as you know, she now owns a stitch in time and writes the sewing blog, maxie makes. of course, i naturally fell in love with it too, so i now design fabrics and sew as well!

i love thinking about all the generations working together and carrying on each others passions. and now that i'm about to have a little girl, i wonder if she'll love it as well?

my grandmomma lives in georgia and has kept a flower garden more magnificent than any i've ever seen her entire life. she speaks with a softness and wisdom that i'll always love (especially with her southern accent). she's funny, caring, thoughtful and always keeps ginger snaps in her cupboard.

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  • This is such an evocative and emotional picture – it instantly made me tear up. Bonnie’s grandmomma – you were so pretty then, but are so much more beautiful now :) Thank you for sharing Bonnie!

  • Hi there , I’m looking to purchase the Surface Pattern Design Course but am wondering if I can do it on my own pace? I have a little baby so can only be on the computer when he’s napping. Please let me know how it all works :) Thanks

  • What a wonderful idea!!!
    Your grandma is a lovely woman, and I enjoying hearing how you all share a love of sewing. We used to joke that my grandmother could ‘sew a house’. She was highly skilled seamstress – and a real pistol. She had one speed on that ancient machine – flat to the floor (it was a little scary). Your post really made me smile, thinking about our ‘Amma’. Makes me realize how much I’m missing sewing, too!

    What fun you’re going to have sharing your passion with your little girl!

  • This is so lovely. I love this generation and their wisdom, and this picture for showing how aging can be beautiful and not something to resist. Thanks for sharing.