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it never fails. a new year always makes me stop to reflect on the past and dream on the future. i like pausing to appreciate the past and plan for the upcoming year. i believe in the power of being intentional and that my dreams won't come true unless i set specific goals and take action. so, today i want to share with you some of my favorite memories form the past, as well as some hopes for the future.

favorite memories from 2014:

- the first snow in our mountain chalet.
- hopping on the road for the sweet as honey tour.
- family beach trips.
- attending the maker's summit.
- planting a garden.
- exhibiting at quilt market in the spring and fall.
- watching bear fall in love with the outdoors.
- teaching at creativelive.
- boothin' it up at the indie craft parade.
- date nights with david.
- hosting the feast in the forest.

thoughts on the upcoming year:

this year, i want to live an extraordinarily creative life. to focus on my art, explore new projects and (hopefully!) inspire you along the way. living creatively is what fuels my life and it's important for me to recognize and honor this. some days are filled with creative tasks, while others may give me 10 minutes to create, but whether it's a lot or a little doesn't really matter, as long as i'm pushing myself in the right direction.

another goal i'd like to focus on this year is to be more intentional with my creativity and how i share it. specifically for this space, i want to blog less and write more (if that makes sense). my hope is to reduce (slightly) the number of posts that i create for going home to roost, but write longer, more heart felt and authentic entries to share with you. this will inevitably reduce the number of product posts i write and shift towards more writings from the heart about my life, work and experiences. i'm sure i will always post the occasional giveaway and gift guide (because i love them!), but i have felt a calling to be more open and more transparent with you in this space. personally, i like reading blogs where the authors are connecting deeply with me as a reader. less fluff more heart.

this will also help me focus on my family more intently. being a mother and wife is the single most important aspect of my life and i want my actions and time management to better align with it. being a full time designer, blogger, mom and wife means staying very busy, but i'm grateful for the opportunity to both do what i love and raise my family at the same time. 

as you might can tell, i'm feeling blessed, open and excited for the new year! i'm happy to have this space where i can share my thoughts and feeeeeelings with you. i hope you'll stick around and let me get to know you better, too! love, bonnie

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