March 2015 Monthly Recap

the roost tribe: create | learn | inspire (1)

hey everyone! another month has come to an end shich means it's time i share with you this month’s recap of the roost tribe, which gives you a sneak peek of what roost tribe members received last month. if you’re interested in receiving it, you still can. i’ll be sending out a recap on monday to members with all of the content in it from last month so no one will have missed anything, regardless of when you might have joined during the month.

that means, that if you join before monday, november 2nd you’ll still get all of october’s content + november’s content as well - that’s two months for the price of one!

here's a sampling of what member's received this month:

october roost tribe recap (5)

hoot owl mini pattern collection.

october roost tribe recap (4)

an inspirational set of desktop and smart phone backgrounds.

october roost tribe recap (2)

pro tip article: how to submit your work.

october roost tribe recap (3)

printable tea tags to personalize your cup of tea!


october roost tribe recap (1)

a printable monkey mask and sewing pattern - just in time for halloween.

october roost tribe recap (6)

a video tutorial on file management and how best to organize the files you receive from the roost tribe.

june's roost tribe recap. come join! (1)

a list of favorite links and resources rounded up through the month.

plus more! being a member is tons of fun and we would love to have you join the family!

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