a favorite find: ePantry

a favorite find: epantry

i've shared my love for ePantry before, and i'm happy to report that after using them for a year, i'm still in love! every month we receive a big bundle of sustainable household goods that we've hand selected for our family. i've been able to keep a well stocked cleaning cabinet and try a few new things for over a year now!

so what is ePantry? it’s an earth friendly service that makes purchasing eco household products super convenient. in just three minutes, they create a customized, yet highly flexible, schedule for all your household products — with speedy delivery to your door for cheaper than the grocery store (or even amazon. seriously!). based on your household needs, ePantry recommends the right amount of sustainable household products to keep you from ever running low.

with babies around, using earth friendly & safe household cleaners has been more important to us now more than ever. i'm pleased to say that i haven't had a toxic cleaner in my home for several years now, and ePantry has been a huge part in making that possible (and easy!).

ePantry's website is easy to use and fun to engage with, and the employees are always a pleasure to work with! they also recently became a B Corp (hooray!) and donate to save 25 square feet of rain forest for every order shipped (and they're doubling that to 50 square feet through may 31st!).


the most exciting news? this week, ePantry has offered everyone who places an order by may 31st a $10 gift card and a 70 hour grove organic soy candle ($12.95 value) in their first purchase! i've been burning a grove candle this week myself, and they smell so delicious (i know you'll love it!). just click here to visit ePantry and start picking out you eco-goodies today!


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