Choosing our Non-Toxic Mattress

Savvy Rest Non-Toxic Mattress (2)

*update! see our review after sleeping on this mattress for 6 months here!

david and i have been in the market for a new mattress for nearly a year. we've slept on the same one for over 10 years, and though it was still comfy, we knew we wanted something more. with a growing family and lots of extra little people in our bed, we wanted to make two changes: 1) move to a king size mattress and 2) make sure it was chemical-free and organic. if you know us well, you know we research everything before we make a purchase. especially when it comes to health, safety and the environment! i knew this one was going to be a biggie. with so many mattresses to choose from and so many materials to sort through, the research phase took a quite a while.

Our chemical free mattress from savvy rest

Our savvy rest chemical free mattress

let's first start with why we were sure we wanted a non-toxic mattress. in one word: CHEMICALS.

the amount of harmful chemicals used in commercial mattresses is astonishing. flame retardants such as PBDEs, boric acid and antimony are highly toxic, and now a dangerous new flame retardant, called FireMaster 100, has been introduced (since the ban of PBDEs in 2004). mattresses are also usually sprayed with potent insecticides, especially if they boast “treated for dust mites”.

many of these very common mattress chemicals have long-term effects, particularly on the developing brains of children. since we co-sleep with our littles, this has of course been my #1 concern! endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been linked to autism, ADHD, lower IQs and more. avoiding these chemicals is also critical during pregnancy, so making the switch quickly was also important to us (baby #2 will be here in september!).

enough said? we figured that since we spend over 1/3 of our life in our beds, that investing in a safe and healthy place to rest would be totally worth it.

after lots and lots of research, we decided we wanted to purchase a natural latex mattress. natural latex is pure, incredibly durable (20 years +!), comfortable and sustainable.

Natural Dunlop and Talalay latex in Savvy Rest's organic mattress

the company we fell in love with was savvy rest. the natural dunlop and talalay latex they use for their mattresses was exactly what we were looking for.

we instantly fell in love.

i'm not sure i can even express to you the comfort level of this mattress! layers of natural latex wrapped in an organic cotton casing pretty much had us at 'hello'.

after speaking directly with savvy rest, we decided that this was absolutely the mattress for us. they helped us choose and customize each side of the bed for our individual needs and took us step by step through the mattress choosing process. we have always liked sleeping on the softest of mattresses available, so we went with one of the softest setups they offer (i chose medium dunlop, soft dunlop and soft talalay on top for me and since david is heavier, we chose firm dunlop, soft dunlop and soft talalay on top for him). each side is constructed of three layers of latex, so they are incredibly easy to customize!

dunlop and talalay - how do you choose? both are natural latex, but have been manufactured differently. basically, dunlop is denser, which makes it a bit firmer overall and talalay gives you that pillowy-soft feel. dunlop is also a little less expensive, so we chose to use that on the bottom two layers, and top them off with a pillowy soft layer of talalay. you can refer to savvy rest's support for how to choose the setup that's right for you.

Savvy Rest Non-Toxic Mattress

after the decision was made and our layers were chosen, we placed our order and waited patiently. soon, 3 large boxes labeled  'savvy rest' arrived at our door and we felt like a couple of small children on christmas morning. moving up in size to a king mattress, also meant we had to purchase a new bed frame, so we hurried to assemble it and unbox our new mattress.

assembly of our new savvy rest mattress was fast and easy (i wish i could say the same for our new bed frame. whew!). each layer of latex was clearly labeled and was easy to unroll. the layers rest inside an organic cotton casing, so that went down first. we then spread out the 3 layers of latex in the proper order and zipped up the casing. i think it only took 15 or 20 minutes to set up!

i'll never forget the moment we first laid down on our new mattress. we sunk into the pillowy top and felt as though it was giving us a big welcoming hug back. bear collapsed on a pillow in the middle and we all snuggled in to enjoy the moment.

we've been sleeping on our new savvy rest mattress for nearly two weeks, and i'm happy to report that we are absolutely in love! each morning we wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. we've had zero aches or pains. the only problem so far - is that we don't want to get out of bed!

pillows on our organic mattress

upgrading our mattress also finally gave me the extra 'oomph' i needed to finish several projects in our bedroom. after being in our home for nearly two years now, i'm so happy to feel like this room is finally finished - and it actually resembles a bedroom! just in case you spied something you're curious about, i thought i'd also list some resources that really helped bring the room together.

mattress: savvy rest serenity (king) with 2 layers of dunlop and a top layer of talalay latex
sheets: threshold organic sheets in ivory
comforter: puregrow wool organic comforter by earthsake
bed frame: malm
headboard: mandal
curtains: handmade using timberland trunk in voile
artwork: ursa minor
pillows: sanela covers, handmade linen covers
lights: jansjo
hanging planters: skurar
chair, mirror and planter: thrifted
tree: fiddle leaf fig

if you're in the market for a new mattress, i encourage you to do your own research and make the decision that's right for you and your family. we are so happy we invested in a chemical-free mattress that will last us decades and supply health and wellness to our family for years to come!

thrifted chair in our bedroom

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  • You mentioned making the change quickly since you’re pregnant and since your son often sleeps with you, but it sounds like this is your first organic mattress and he doesn’t have one of his own… Are you planning on making the switch for the kids’ beds as well?

    • hi N! actually, we do use an organic mattress in bear’s crib but he’s usually in our bed since we co-sleep. we’ve been sleeping on organic linens for a long time, but i knew we wanted to move to a true organic setup. it just took a while to be able to make it happen! :)

  • Thanks for this post. I am saving it for when we too have to make a change. I do have a question about your hanging planters. Are those living plants in them; if they are, what do you do about drainage?

    • hi kay! thank you! yes, they are living! most of my indoor plants actually don’t have drainage holes in the bottom and they all do well! it’s easier and less messy for me, too. i just make sure not to over-water them! :)

  • This sounds like a wonderful choice! I have looked into latex mattresses in Australia too, hoping to buy one someday. A company like Savvy Rest would make the decisions easier.
    I’m very pleased to read of your choices for organic bed linen etc too. Have you thought of having your fabric designs printed on organic cloth? I’m mostly restricting my fabric choices to organic in recent months for similar reasons to those you have stated here.

  • Thanks for this Bonnie! Would love to hear more healthy product choices on the blog. I like the stuff you’re doing so far. I was horrified the other day at work when I ordered a couple office binders, and when they came in a big label on them said “This product includes a chemical known to cause Cancer”. I’m smart enough to know these chemicals are in products, but that was a smack in the face wake up call. Scary.

  • Thanks for sharing your process of choosing and selecting a new mattress! I love reading about the products you use to create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family! Do you think you will ever write a post about co-sleeping? I would love to know your plan for when the new babe arrives!