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stories matter: the 12x12 iniative

a fellow creative, photographer and dear friend of mine, paige rankin, has just launched a new initiative that is near and dear to my heart. the 12x12 initiative exists with the hope of connecting people with causes through the power of story. i believe stories matter, and hearing them from around the world is an important part of growth and inspiration for everyone.

paige and i go way back. like middle-school, high-school, college roommate way back. i have loved watching her embrace her creative dream (she just quit her day job to become a full time photographer, folks!). she's one of those super talented, full of energy and love for life kinda gals who you just always want to be around. she's also an amazing photographer and videographer (she shot the intro video for my new skillshare class!).

beginning in march, paige's team will set out to document the stories they encounter across the country through photos, videos, and narratives. during their travels, they are scheduled to visit 12 non-profit organizations that are doing INCREDIBLE work in their communities. from orphan care and refugee outreach to aiding the homeless and fighting the cruelties of sex trafficking, these organizations are making a difference. their hope is to honor the work they are doing by motivating others to get involved through the power of story.

along the way, they'll also be offering each organization media resources (videos & photos) they can then use to help share their story. their capstone project for each non-profit will be a short video highlighting the stories and work that defines who they are.

once the trip is over, (june 2015) the official 12x12 initiative timeline will begin. every week for 12 weeks they will highlight one of the featured organizations. for that week, through their website, they will share videos, photos, and interviews, telling the stories of people making a difference and of those whose lives that have been impacted.

i can't wait to hear about these organizations and the great things they are doing! to help make the 12x12 initiative possible, this inspirational team has launched a kickstarter campaign. they need our help to help others! i hope you'll consider reading more and helping this great initiative come to life!

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