A Closer Look at the Materials

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had a good week getting back into the 'groove' of things. Christmas is in full swing over here - we've been decorating our Christmas tree, taking family photos, and even wrapping up a few gifts. It's my favorite time of year!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my little shop this week. I'll be keeping stock of camera straps through Monday, so be sure to get them while you can!

In addition to the process video I shared last week, I also wanted to share more about the materials used in each handmade strap. I spent a lot of time researching materials, making samples and testing them out to ensure they meet they highest of standards.

Here's an in depth look at the materials used to make each camera strap!

Bonnie Christine Fabric (of course!):

It's been so fun to use my own fabric for this project. Art Gallery truly makes the most beautiful, soft and luxurious cotton fabrics in the industry and I'm so proud to be a part of their family. About half of the camera straps are also offered in an organic fabric - you won't believe how soft it is!

Vegan 'Leather':

I am proud to use a fiber-based vegan 'leather' that is incredibly durable and washable. It softens and crinkles with handling and washing, and looks, feels, and wears just like leather.

Tea-dyed Strapping:

The strapping is bright white when it arrives, so I give each batch a quick dip in a tea dye bath to warm it up and give it a creamy sheen. It comes out looking so rich and supple!

Choice of hardware:

Customers get to choose during checkout whether they would like gold metal, silver metal or cream colored plastic sliders. It's just one extra way to customize the straps for the recipient (or yourself!).

Industrial Strength Stitching:

I use a thick durable thread to make each strap worthy of the equipment it will hold. They're made to last and keep your equipment safe.

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Don't forget, shop is only open for one week, so be sure to get your orders in before we close on Monday, December 5th.

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