Handmade Camera Straps Coming SOON!

Camera Straps by Bonnie Christine (2)

To be honest with you, I really wish I could keep a handmade shop open all year. It's how I started my journey as a full time creative some 8 years ago and something I hold close to my heart. There's just nothing like pouring love and energy into a product for someone else! And sewing with my very own fabric? There's nothing like it in the world.

Since saying 'yes' to so many amazing opportunities (fabric design, teaching, family!) I knew something had to give, so a few years ago I had to say goodbye to my handmade shop and gear it more towards digital items and art prints.

BUT!! I've made a habit of opening up a handmade shop for Christmas, and I'll be continuing the tradition this year.  I'm making one BIG beautiful batch of camera straps for you and yours!  Straps will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY in my new shop beginning Monday, Nov. 28th at noon EST. This way, everyone will be sure to receive their straps in time for Christmas.

I'll be sharing with you more about the process and production of what goes in to making each strap next week. But for now - mark your calendars for Monday, November 28th - noon EST!

As tradition goes, I won't be planning to offer these again until December 2017, so be sure to get in while shop is open!

Until then- happy Thanksgiving!

Camera Straps by Bonnie Christine (1)

photos by the laura b.

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