My story and work space featured in Where Women Create!

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There have only been a few times in my life when something truly took my breath away. When Where Women Create reached out to me about featuring my workspace and story in there magazine, I jumped for joy and squealed with delight. This has always been my favorite magazine and being invited to join them for the 2016 autumn issue was a dream come true. When I received the advanced copy in the mail a few weeks ago, I slowly pulled it from it's package. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was right there. On the cover! In that moment, my breath was taken away and tears began to fill my eyes.

It is my absolute joy and honor to be a part of such an incredible magazine. Movement, really. It's pages are filled with inspiring stories of extraordinary women. If you're even the slightest bit creative, this is THE magazine you want to get your hands on!

The autumn issue of Where Women Create is where I share my story and how I accomplished my dreams. The article begins  ..

My journey begins with my momma, Maxie Ramey. Because of her, my childhood was saturated with creativity. I grew up spending time in her quilt shop, watching her sew and making things alongside her. We spent time learning crafts together, decorating the house and cooking meals.  Whenever I wanted to learn a new craft, I knew I could turn to her. From pottery and painting to photography and baking. She has mastered it all! Creativity seems to seep from her pores and it’s through her wisdom, willingness to teach and kind guidance that made me know that my world had to revolve around being creative, too.

To read the rest, you'll have to grab your own issue of Where Women Create (tease tease!). You can get a hard copy of the issue here or subscribe to the digital version!

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My dear friend and talented photographer, Callie Lynch, came over one afternoon to take photos of me and my work space for the article. We had so much fun tip-toeing around the house while the babies slept, snapping pictures of all my favorite things.

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My top tip for readers was this: Do one small thing every day. When big dreams seem overwhelming, begin reaching towards them by doing just one small thing each day. At the end of a week, a month and a year you will have made giant leaps towards accomplishing them. These will be the steps that will lead you to living your dream!

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Because the ladies at Where Women Create are so sweet and thoughtful, they've offered to let me give away 10 (TEN!) free copies of the autumn issue! Enter via the form below, it's as simple as that.

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