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i have to say, teaching on skillshare has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. i've taught three classes so far: intro to surface pattern design, surface pattern design 2.0 and design & bind your own portfolio. seeing everyone's work come to life and connecting with students through workshops (like these: I & II) has been so inspirational and fun! (you can learn more about all the classes i offer here!) 

in addition to teaching on skillshare, i love to get MY learn on as well! there are so many quality classes being offered on so many different skill sets. i even improved my knife skills recently! if you're interested in learning, skillshare is the place for you. here are some classes i've taken recently and really enjoyed!

1) photoshop for lettering artists by the lovelies behind besotted blog. a perfect intro to photoshop and lettering!

2) watercolor meets surface pattern design: this class is great for the person who wants to explore with watercolor in their patterns!

3) knife skills: a quick and easy class on how to improve your knife skills.

4) inky illustrations: for that perfectly imperfect look. 

5 & 6) the golden secrets of script lettering I & II: i have been falling in love with martina flor through these classes on lettering. i know you'll love them, too!

what classes have you been enjoying lately?

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  • I love your classes on Skillshare. I am teaching on Skillshare as well. I took the Teach 2016 challenge and created my class “You Can Self Publish A Coloring Book” , I love how I get to interact with students. I love the classes and I have been taking a few and I love how easy it is to learn on the platform. I just took on how to make a hand drawn font.