The All New Roost Tribe

You are going to be so excited to learn that while things have been a little quiet on the home front, I've been a busy bee working behind the scenes to make the Roost Tribe even better. I've teamed up with Gillian Trethewey - web developer extraordinaire - to re-imagine how the Roost Tribe works, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

For the first time since the Roost Tribe began in 2012, as a member, you will now LOG IN to view your content, all right here on Going Home to Roost. And the most exiting news - as a Full Access Member, you will now have access to everything that's ever been sent out.

That's over $2,000 worth of materials for you to enjoy.

To date - the Roost Tribe Library contains over 30 Adobe Illustrator tutorials, 40 printables, 45 vegan recipes, 6 eBooks, 12 sewing patterns, 27 clip art collections, 35 tech backgrounds, 32 pattern collections and 106 educational articles for your growing business - all designed specifically for you!

And the best news is - new content gets added for you every Friday.

You have two membership options:

  1. Limited Access Members log in to view 2 months of material at a time. As new content gets added each Friday, older content gets archived into the Full Access Member's library.
  2. Full Access Members log in to view the latest content PLUS gain access to the entire library of content (worth over $2,000 - as outlined above!).

Join our creative community!

My philosophy has always been to learn >> teach >> learn >> teach. The Roost Tribe is where you'll learn all that I know and share in my full creative expression. You will find inspiration, support and encouragement in your Roost Tribe community. Come join us and let's see where our inspirations take us together!

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  • I love having access to everything in one place! I’ve been perusing it all, and printed a card I needed. Not to mention that it’s such a lovely place to be. Thank you!

  • I just upgraded my membership from monthly to yearly. I signed-up long time ago when it was $5 per month, but by signing up for yearly I saved money. Who doesn’t like saving money? Thanks Bonny for sharing your wisdom and creative talents with us.