Decorating with Cotton

Decorating with Cotton (4)

Above: Cotton foliage installation by Annabelle Hickson of The Dailys

It seems that everywhere I look, people are getting creative with cotton. Traditional stems, garland, wreaths and entire installations like the one pictured above by Annabelle Hickson have me head over heels in love. Somehow, it speaks history. The texture and colors wrap me in a warm summer's day and make me dream of farmhouse living. 

I've found a handful of beautiful cotton stems and wreaths - all linked below.

Decorating with Cotton (2)

Above: Cotton Stem

Decorating with Cotton (3)

Above: Dried Cotton Garland

Decorating with Cotton (1)

Above: Dried Cotton Stem

Cotton Wreath

Above: Cotton Wreath

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  • I just happened upon your blog while typing in cotton stems. Wow! I love the photos and layout of your blog. I also love cotton stems. My grandmother lived in Alabama when I was a kid (I’m 60 now) and she used to send me cotton stems and of course I thought to myself, Why the heck is she sending me these? What am I going to do with them? But now, I absolutely love cotton wreaths, stems, and round cotton balls.

  • What type of cotton is this? I have a friend who has a cotton field and so I got some from there (with permission of course…lol) and nothing I try to make looks like the pictures. I think it is a different type of cotton. Any thoughts?