An easy to make tassel wall hanging

Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (1)

If you happened to see this post over on Instagram, you know that we recently moved into a small apartment where we'll spend the winter as we build a new home (we are so excited!). Initially, I thought downsizing our living space might be hard, but it's turned out to be so lovely. We've simplified, stored, de-stashed and dwindled everything down to the essentials. In this new space, I only have my favorite pots and pans, wardrobe pieces, most precious toys for the children, most used crafting tools. There's something very special about being surrounded with only the things I cherish most.

When we moved in, everything found it's place. And when I was all finished, I still had this large white wall staring at me! After some pondering and perusing, I fell in love with Erica's DIY Tassel Wall Hanging. Aha! Off to my favorite yarn store I went and soon after this blank wall had a pretty statement piece hanging on it.

I followed Erica's DIY exactly, so I'll send you to her blog for the tutorial. I loved this project because it's a simple way to make a BIG statement. And though I love to weave, this was a quick and easy way to incorporate some of that yummy yarn texture into our space that I love so much. If you can wrap yarn, you can make this project!

Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (2)

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Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (6)



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  • I found your gorgeous blog after reading ‘Where Women Create’. I cannot sew with a machine, they just run away with me, but sometimes like to handset and have made several patchwork quilts, human adult size as well as for littlies. I do felt work as well, but mainly knit and crochet and art journal/collage, though I came late to the arty stuff as I did not get interested until I was in my mid-6Os!
    You have two beautiful children, they look so cute. Full of fun and mischief too no doubt.
    Love the tassels, such a simple effective idea, and when they get dusty – as things tend to do when you live in an old house like we do – so easy to just take them outside and give them a shake!
    I shall come back to your blog again, thank you for such a beautiful one, a joy to read through some of your posts.