Burn your own Home Video DVDs

Burn your own Home Video DVDs

I know, I know. Burning CDs might seem a little antiquated. But I use them once a year for two purposes, and I'm so glad I do! Let me explain -

This 'day in age' it's so easy to snap photos and videos straight from our many capable devices. Then we share them on Instagram, upload them to Facebook, or perhaps text them family. Oftentimes soon after, they get lost. Lost in a 'feed', lost in our messages. Sometimes they become lost forever - thanks to crashing hard drives, lost or stolen devices, and wiped social media accounts (oh no!).

So once a year, I take the videos from our iPhones and compile them into one huge 'home video' (remember those?!). Then, I burn DVDs for everyone in the family and hand them out at our birthday celebration. They're a huge hit with the grandparents! (Of course, DVDs can be lost or broken, too. So I back them up on my external hard drive and save them in as many place as possible!) I also do the same thing with our photos. Saving them to a disk and giving them to our loved ones makes them so special, and easy to hold on to. (I also make a beautiful Artifact Uprising book each year with all of our photos in it - I'll be sharing about those soon!).

*Pro tip: videos taken in 'landscape' make better DVDs then videos taken in 'portrait'. So throughout the year, try to remember to always hold your phone sideways as you take videos!

If you're inspired to do the same, I've made PDF templates and SVG cutting files for both DVD labels and the DVD envelopes that will help tremendously! You can use the PDF (editable in Illustrator) to design and print them yourself, then cut out along the lines -OR- if you have a cutting machine like a Silhouette, you can use the .SVG (cutting) files to design your own and cut them our on your handy machine!



Members can sign in to the Roost Tribe now to download this editable PDF and SVG (cutting) file. You'll find it on the 'limited access' page or under "DIY Projects" on the 'full access' page.

Preserving memories one DVD at a time (2)NON - MEMBERS:

If you're not a member of the Roost Tribe, you can purchase the editable PDF and SVG (cutting) files using the button below ($8). Your files will be delivered to you automatically after checkout!

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Here are a few of my favorite resources I used for this project!

- Recordable DVDs (for videos) and CDs (for photos) - make sure you purchase ones large enough for your project!

- iMovie is simple to use for video editing!

- This is my favorite white label paper - perfect for these CD labels (I also use them to print shipping labels on)

- This kraft paper is sturdy enough for envelopes, and easy to cut with either scissors or a Silhouette.

-  My favorite glue stick is technically for fabric, but it works great for the 'flaps' (and tons of other projects!)

- And my Silhouette Cutting Machine makes projects like these easy and fast!

*Pro tip: if you're using a Mac, the easiest way to burn a DVD is to insert the blank disc into the CD Drive, wait for the pop up message and select 'open in Finder'. Drag and drop your .MOV file here and click 'burn'.

Memories are so important to preserve and these DVDs are easy to personalize and burn. Plus, they make wonderful gifts for family. Have fun!

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  • These are lovely! I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Question, do you just dump all of the movies into iMovie? Do you make menus or anything? I’m just curious if they play one after the other, or if you can select/jump around on the disc somehow? Thanks!

    • Hey Lisa! I import them in order of date they were taken, so the movie plays in chronological order. I’m pretty novice at iMovie, so I’m not sure if you can make menus?