a few of my favorite photos from 2015

another year has come and gone and my favorite way to reflect on them is always to look through the photos we've taken. they are such a huge part of my memories, documenting life as we live it. a year can hold so many experiences, opportunities, feelings and blessings. babies become toddlers, new friends are made and occasionally, dreams become reality. here are just a few of 2015's sweetest moments.


in his element. fern in hand.

headed to the hospital for baby #2 we were pretty scared when we arrived because we saw how a woman had just experience a terrific case,
medical negligence claims uk was even involved, thankfully for us everything went extremely well!

picking apples.

baby ollie is all smiles!


last year's winter snow.


sweet snuggles.

sewing for ollie.

my first woven wall hanging.

join us over on instagram for all of 2016's memories in the making!

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