Day #1 of the 5DayDeal

The Complete Web Essentials Bundle 5DayDeal (1)Hey everyone! I've been hinting at something BIG over on Instagram, and today is the day that I get to share it with you! I am honored and excited to take part in a massive bundle deal this week with my friends over at 5DayDeal: The Complete Web Essentials Bundle

What you need to know:

1) This bundle was made for creative businesses, photographers and illustrators. It includes $2,400+ in web tools, themes, templates, tutorials, eBooks, products and services for $87. That’s a savings of over 96%. (Need no more? Go ahead and get the bundle here!)

2)  10% of each bundle revenue ($8.70 per sale) goes directly to four amazing, carefully selected charities: The BOMA Project, Tough As Her, The Exodus Road, and Mercy Ships.

3) This deal will only ever exist during these five (5) days, never to return. The sale ends July 19 at 12:00 PM (noon) PST.

The Complete Web Essentials Bundle 5DayDeal (3)I have personally downloaded and explored everything that comes in the bundle (see the entire list below), and it has made me so excited to share it with you. This is by far the greatest value and most educational event I've ever been a part of.

Whether you're a photographer looking to build a better online portfolio, create an exciting website, grow an audience through social media, generate new revenue through a passive income, design more attractive graphics, tell more compelling visual stories, or simply make your creative work more attractive online, this bundle will instantly become an integral part of your professional development.

Here's a complete list of everything that's included!

- Start Here: The Photographer's Guide to Building a Website that Gets Clients eBook * Jamie Swanson - The Modern Tog $99.00
- 1 Photographer’s Portfolio Website (5 Years) $600.00
- Turnkey Hosting & Photography Tools for up to 5 Websites (6 Months) $299.40
- Professional Web Designer Bundle - 100 hours of video for beginners! Stone River Learning $447.00
- WordPress Photography Store Bundle - Sell your photos on your own store! Thad Allender - GraphPaperPress $149.00
- Photographer & Portfolio WordPress Themes Organic Themes $138.00
- Storytelling Fundamentals Course + 3 Month Trial of StoryBuilder Software Muse Storytelling $147.00
- “Affiliate Marketing - Monetizing Your Website With Value-Based Content” Video Course * Dave Seeram - PhotographyBB $97.00
- Power of Planning: Creating a Calendar for Your Blog * Christine Tremoulet $79.00
- Photoshop 101 Video Course Kelvin Pimont - Kelvin Designs $147.00
- Design Elements Kit - Blogging ebook, Illustrator videos, design templates, & more! Bonnie Christine - Roost Tribe $99.00
- “HashTag Hero” Video & Workbook - Build quality engagement on Instagram! Alex Tooby $99.00
- Search Engine Cookbook for Photographers Zach Prez - Photography Spark $99.00
- “Making Your Mark Online: Digital Marketing eCourse for Photographers” Course * Corwin Hiebert $79.00
- 150 Photo Collage Templates - Share on social media, a blog, & with clients! Brad Wayland - PhotographyPla $98.00
- 20 Photographer Logo Templates - For web, print, and photo overlays Brad Wayland - PhotographyPla $48.00
- 6 Themed Social Media Template Sets - Facebook timelines, Twitter headers & more! Jody Robertson - The Shoppe $89.00
- Virtual Postcards - Social Media & Email Templates Lena Hyde - Design Aglow $75.00
- “9 Key Elements for an Effective Photography Website” Video Tutorial + Case Study Brent Mail $98.00
- Website “Terms of Use” Legal Template Rachel Brenke - The Law Tog $45.00
- Ultimate Font Bundle - 76 Original Designer Fonts! Tiffany Willett - On the Spot Studio $39.99
- Illustrator Quickstart Video Course Kelvin Pimont - Kelvin Designs $20.00
- BONUS: The Creative Composites Bundle - Make impressive website hero images! Serge Ramelli - Photo Serge $135.00
- BONUS: Access to both Intro to Surface Pattern Design & Surface Pattern Design 2.0 by Bonnie Christine

YES - that's $2,400+ in materials for just $87 (96% off)!



The Complete Web Essentials Bundle 5DayDeal (2)

For the next 5 days, I'll be sharing with you a few of my favorite products and downloads from the bundle.

For Day #1 - I'm proud to announce my contribution to the bundle:

  • Access to BOTH of my courses on Skillshare: Intro to Surface Pattern Design and Surface Pattern Design 2.0
  • 19 additional Adobe Illustrator tutorials that will help you get up and running in the program designing clip art, repeating patterns and more!
  • 6 sets of clip art collections that include photo overlays, frames, illustrations like 'page flips' and washi tape for blog posts, and more.
  • How to Grow your Blog eBook
  • 12 Teachings that have made my Business Thrive eBook
  • How to Design and Bind your very own Portfolio eBook
  • A year's worth of inspirational desktop and smart phone backgrounds
  • 3 printable Bonnie Christine art prints
  • A printable Bonnie Christine greeting card and beautiful to-do list
  • Bonus coupons and discounts

Some of you may already have access to some of the above (Full Access Roost Tribe members have everything except the Skillshare courses), but that's alright! The Complete Web Essentials Bundle is such a total bargain even if you already have one or a few of the products. No matter what your level, there’s something in there for you. I guarantee you’ll find a ton of excellent resources in this bundle to help you hone your craft and grow your business.

Head on over to 5DayDeal to check out the sale. Even if you choose not to purchase the bundle yourself, please share the sale with your network to help raise awareness. Not only is this such a great deal, but it champions wonderful causes that I’m proud to support! I'll be back more tomorrow for more!

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