DIY Fabric Mushrooms

DIY Fabric Mushrooms

my new fabric collection, forest floor for art gallery fabrics was inspired by the forest where i live, and features tiny mushrooms, woodland creatures, ferns and trees. from the moment it hit my doorstep, i knew i wanted to make a set of fabric mushrooms!  they adorned my booth at quilt market and have since ventured with me into the forest (above) and finally back to a shelf in my home where they're currently overlooking the living room. they are easy to make and so much fun that i wanted to share the DIY with you!

here's what you'll need:

1. download and print the pattern template. cut out each of the pattern pieces. make sure to cut out two circles - 1 for the top and 1 for the bottom. cut the 'inner circle' out of only one of the large circles (be sure to save the small inner circle which will become the bottom of the mushroom trunk).

2. fold the long sides of the rectangle in half, right sides together. stitch down the long side using a 1/4" seam allowance to make a tube, making sure to double stitch at the beginning and end. turn right sides out and press. tip: easily make shorter and taller mushrooms by lengthening this rectangle!

3. place the two circles right sides together and sew around using a 1/4" seam allowance, making sure to double stitch at the beginning and end. turn the mushroom cap right sides out through the inner circle hole of the bottom layer and press.

4. stuff the mushroom cap with polyfil to your liking through the bottom circle. i found that i liked mine a bit looser, which also kept them from being too top heavy.

5) using a needle and thread, whip stitch the 'inner circle' (the small circle you saved from the mushroom cap circle) to the bottom of the trunk tube. fill the bottom of the trunk with pellets and finish the top with more polyfil. the more pellets, the more bottom heavy your mushrooms will be (and easier they will stand up on their own). turn down about 1/4" of the trunk fabric inwards and finger press.

6) finally, whip stitch the trunk to the mushroom top using embroidery floss. playing with these and making them big and irregular will make them look like the bottom side of a mushroom! the inner circle will have raw edges, but this just adds to the playfulness and organic feel to the shroom!

7) stand them up on the wooden rounds and have fun! tip: if you have trouble getting them to stand up, trying using a little gluestick!

photos by callie lynch & bonnie christine.

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