Finally, Going Home to Roost

Finally going home to roost (1)

Other possible titles for this post were: "How we accidentally moved back to our hometown", "What a roller coaster ride!" and "Our new homesite!".

That being said, I have a story to tell you, and I'll try to keep it as concise as possible. Some of you might remember that we sold our house in Pisgah Forest, NC on August 1st. The decision to sell was prompted by our dream to build. We listed our house in June and it went under contract 5 days later (amazing!). We had been hunting for the right piece of land for several months, but had our heart set on a piece of property nestled in the forest on the top of mountain. It wasn't officially on the market, but we had heard that the owner might be willing to sell it, so we spent many afternoons walking the land and many nights dreaming about living there. Once our house sold, we approached the owner with high hopes, made an offer (that he accepted!) and had our realtor draw up a contract (we'll call this one #1).

Meanwhile, we moved to a small apartment owned by my parents about 90 minutes away in our hometown, Franklin, NC. This is where we would live during the build, and David would commute to work 3 days a week.

The land we were buying was a parcel from a much larger tract, so it was understood that David and I would be in charge of having it surveyed and pulling all the permits. Since the surveyor was booked for several weeks, we waited. Six weeks later the survey came in - only to show that the only feasible house site on the property wasn't even on the land that we were under contract for. How does that happen?! Sometimes you just gotta laugh. Turns out, the initial drawing was off, which excluded the house site. We approached the owner of that parcel, but he wasn't willing to sell it, so we picked ourselves up and started looking at other options.

Turns out the same landowner had another parcel, on the other side of the mountain that was a good possibility. It wasn't perfect, but it was the 2nd best option in the county. We signed contract #2, and proceeded to order another survey and more permits.

At this point, we had been in Franklin for about 6 weeks, where something began to happen. Inklings of endearment for this place, new and old friendships, familiarity and family warmed our heart. David and I routinely found ourselves talking about how much we enjoyed it here, and caught ourselves looking, just looking, at real estate with a vancouver realtor.

Moving here wasn't even on our rader, and would mean big things - primarily in David's work (thankfully, I can work anywhere!). As a cycling coach, David had the opportunity to work 'remotely', but it would mean some big changes in the way he got paid. Primarily, we would lose benefits for the family and would have to pick them up ourselves. But it would also mean raising our children in the same town as both of our parents and truly returning to our roots.

What really happened, I think, is that we began seeing our hometown through a new set of eyes. If you're not familiar with the town, Franklin is small. Like everyone knows everyone small. We started to see it not for the place we grew up, or the place our parents picked, but from our own perspective. And any of those childhood feelings (you know, 'gotta get out of here' thoughts), seemed so silly. The community here is thriving, the support is overwhelming, the beauty is breathtaking and the love we feel is exactly what we want. 

You see where I'm going with this. About 8 weeks ago, we found a beautiful piece of farm land in Franklin, dissolved contract #2 in Pisgah Forest and signed contract #3 in Franklin. I'm happy to report that we closed on this piece of land last week and broke ground on the new house yesterday!

In somewhat related and other exciting news, David took a leap of faith and started a new business called Freedom Fishing Co., turning his (other) passion into business. He offers guided fly fishing tours, casting instruction and fly tying sessions (and of course, I designed his logo and website!). I’m so proud of him and the intention in our home to do what we love and work really hard at it. If you know someone who would like to take a trip, they’ll love the experience. Our rivers and streams are some of the most beautiful land in the country.

So I guess you could say, I'm finally going home to roost.

I'm planning to write some updates on the build as we go along, and go into some specifics to help anyone else who might be looking to build. So far, it's been an incredibly informative and fun adventure for us! And for more frequent updates, you can follow along over on Instagram

Below are some pictures we had taken right where our house will stand one day soon. I have lots more to tell you, but I'll be taking the rest of the year off to enjoy time with our family. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas filled with love and laugther! Thanks for reading, I'm thankful for each of you. Love, Bonnie.

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Finally Going Home to Roost
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Finally going home to roost (2)

Finally going home to roost (3)

Finally going home to roost (4)

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Finally going home to roost (6)

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Photos by Callie Lynch.



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  • It’s always interesting how things unfold and where you end up at the end of the process, especially when you keep your head and heart open! So happy you have a place to dream about, in a more concrete way. We ended up back in our hometown after living elsewhere for 14 years. We were searching for just the right place to raise our son (he was 5 at the time), and every place we described to our realtor was exactly what we grew up with, so we decided to go back. My husband’s inevitable commute was the hurdle, but we made it work. Fastforward 14 years later, our son Jack is now 19 and a freshman at Brown; we are empty-nesters at 46 and very, very ready to start the next chapter of our lives in a mountain town somewhere b/c we don’t live in one now…..(even considering NC). Going home was the best decision for us – served the best purpose for us and Jack! Happy building!!!

    • Jan, I love this story! And for what it’s worth, I think the mountains of NC would love and embrace you and your work. Plus, I would love to have you close! :)

  • This sounds exactly like our life, but in The Netherlands instead! Although we still have a love-hate relationship with the town we currently live in. (we used to live in Rotterdam, among other places, and we now live in quite the opposite kind of town) But it is perfect for our children, and our house is wonderful too. Plus, grandparents (aka baby-sitters…) are close by! I wish you all the best. And I love your hair :-)

  • I had a feeling there would be a post like this on here. I noticed you’ve been posting a lot of beautiful home pins on pinterest! Best of luck with building!!