Make it in Design Modules 1 & 2 Course Giveaway

Make it in Design Modules 1 & 2 Course Giveaway (3)

Make it in Design Modules 1 & 2 Course Giveaway (2)

Hey everyone! I'm happy to again partner with my friends at Make It In Design, to offer a very special prize to ONE very lucky reader – a free place on The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1: Designing your way starting February 1, 2016 AND Module 2: Creating your professional identity starting April 4, 2016. Together this prize is worth over $640!!

About Module 1: Designing your way

In Module 1: Designing your way, you will learn everything you need to know to turn basic sketches into elements for pattern design. Find out more about color and pattern, how to create moodboards and repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to develop your signature style and get industry insider tips and tricks!

This is for you if you are drawn to color and pattern and dream of one day licensing your own designs but don’t know where to begin. Here you’ll join a community of like-minded people on a fun and inspiring creative journey, learn more about how to create your own patterns and motifs and even design a set of business stationery!

About Module 2: Creating your professional identity

In Module 2: Creating your professional identity you will learn how to develop your brand image, design advanced technical repeats in Photoshop and Illustrator, put a collection together and start your own label. You will also learn how to understand and predict trends, how to get noticed and attract the press, and how to protect your work.

This is for you if you have a basic understanding of surface pattern design and now want to start getting noticed and make a name for yourself. Here you’ll join a community of like-minded people on a fun and inspiring creative journey and learn how to create more complex repeat patterns, build them into a sellable collection and put the foundations in place to pave the way for licensing and other ways of selling your work.

These on-line surface pattern design courses are both five-weeks long. The classroom is accessible 24/7 so you can join from anywhere in the world and fit the course into your busy life. Read some of their student success stories here.

Make it in Design Modules 1 & 2 Course Giveaway (11)

Module 1: Designing your way includes:

  • How to work with colour
  • How to create moodboards
  • How to build a pattern
  • How and where to seek out design inspiration
  • How to develop your signature style and use this to brand your business
  • How to turn elements of a mixed media painting into a pattern (featuring the work of Kelly Rae Roberts)
  • How to create repeats in Adobe Illustrator
  • Time-saving tricks and industry insider tips
  • The secrets of successful surface pattern designers
  • Downloadable pattern source guide
  • Opportunity to put questions to Rachael Taylor throughout the class.


  • *NEW* BONUS TECHNICAL WORKSHOP VIDEOS giving you a step-by-step guide to scanning images and basic manipulation in Photoshop, playing with colour, sketching and creating repeats on your computer.
  • AND a peek behind the scenes of Rachael Taylor’s life as a dynamic and successful professional surface pattern designer and a glimpse at some previously unpublished designs!
  • And a whole lot more – this course really is packed full of goodness!

Make it in Design Modules 1 & 2 Course Giveaway (10)

Module 2: Creating your professional identity includes:

  • How to start your own label
  • How to develop your signature look
  • How to build your brand image and get people talking about you the way you want them to
  • How to understand and predict trends (and how to layout a professional Trend Report in Adobe Illustrator)
  • How to put a collection together
  • How to get noticed and get press
  • How to market yourself and build your online presence
  • How to protect your work
  • Opportunity to put questions to Rachael Taylor throughout the class.


  • *NEW* BONUS TECHNICAL WORKSHOP VIDEOS giving you a step-by-step guide to creating technical repeats, creating a static and rotating advert, creating room set mock-ups and more
  • Create a sample collection, mini brand look book, press release, and trend report.
  • PLUS you will receive bonus industry insider tips, generic industry specifications for printing and designing for various products, a selection of template product examples to demonstrate industry standards and an industry jargon-buster
  • AND the chance to get your work showcased in MOYO magazine which has been viewed over 2.5 million times since it launched.


UPDATE: Congratulations, Kelly Dalton!


The prize: ONE place on The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – Module 1: Designing your way course starting February 1, 2016 AND Module 2: Creating your professional identity course starting April 4, 2016 delivered on-line worth over $640.

How to enter: Check out both courses on the Make it in Design website to find out more, then leave a comment at the bottom of the post in no more than 50 words telling us how this prize would help you right now.

Deadline is Wednesday January 20th. Any comments left after this time will not be counted. The winner will be selected by me, and Rachael Taylor and announced her on Friday, January 22nd.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition is to win a place on Module 1: Designing your way course starting February 1, 2016 AND Module 2: Creating your professional identity starting April 4, 2016 from Make it in Design
  • One entry allowed per person
  • The winning place is not transferable – either by date or to another individual and must not be sold on and no cash alternative will be offered in the event that the winner is unable to use the prize for any reason
  • By entering this competition you agree to your entry to be promoted on the Make it in Design and Going Home to Roost website and their associated social networks
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  • These courses would encourage me to make more art, teach me to become more comfortable with the design process, and provide me with the opportunity to engage with an invaluable community of designers. To be selected to participate in the MIID courses would be an honor and a dream.

  • Working in design is my biggest passion and I want to be able to learn how to make this “hobby” a lifelong career. I’m a self-taught designer and my dream is to work as a surface pattern designer. I’m beyond excited about these classes!!

  • I’ve got small children and design in snatches of time around looking after the kids. I’ve entered competitions and tried selling online, but I’m not sure where to focus my energies for the greatest rewards. Would love some help to get things moving!

  • I’ve dabbled in pattern making…but always wanted to carve out some time to focus on it and find my signature style. These courses would be perfect for that. I’m on mat. leave from my graphic design job now and the timing of these courses is spot on. Thanks ladies!

  • Hello dear Bonnie and Rachael! Wow! This is like magic! I just completed Bonnie’s online course with CreativeLive and decided that ABSPD is the next step. Here I am wondering which Module is right for me when I stumpled upon this opportunity. This would mean a dream come true to me! I’m over the moon! Thank you so much. Love, Sonja

  • My husband has been pushing me to do my own designing again and its like the whole world has lit up! With my love of textiles and typography, I never knew I was a surface designer but now I am shouting it from the rooftops, with nothing to show, but its like something has clicked into place! This course looks like what has been missing for years, shouting me to get where I want to be. And I am so in need of some creative people to work with, as I have no one to share my ideas with! Thank you so much, love Gretel

  • Hi!, thanks for this great opportunity for all of us who can’t afford to pay for the course. I am a fashion designer based in Argentina. I already made module 1 in September and learned so much of it and very exited to start a new career path, was planning to enter module 2, but recently I was laid off in my job and is impossible for me to afford it, so this will really help me keep on track of the courses and develop my own surface pattern brand identity. Thanks a lot for reading! good luck to all!

  • Hi there, Bonnie and Rachael! Thanks for the opportunity to apply for a spot in these ABSPD courses – they both look amazing! After reading about both of them, I feel that if I were given the chance to take these courses they would super-charge my ability to reach my goal of turning design into my full-time dream job, rescuing me from the corporate 9-5 treadmill I’m currently on.
    I’m very interested in the topics presented and have been self-teaching myself web and graphic design for the past 8 months and LOVE every minute of it. Let me get my hands dirty! :)
    Thanks, again, for the opportunity… cheers!

    • I’m so sorry – I just reread it’s 50 words or less!
      As a self-taught designer winning a spot into these quality courses would catapult my skill level and get me closer to my dream job! I sincerely hope you consider me. It would be an honor. Cheers!

  • Hello! I’m building a new career for myself as a pattern designer, studying and working nights after my kids go to bed. These courses offer exactly what I am trying to learn on my own, and it would mean the world to me to be able to take them. Thanks!

  • Oh Bonnie! Yes, please! This scholarship would be a true blessing. Since taking your skillshare classes, working diligently on my own, I’m ready for a push to learn what I don’t even know that I don’t know. The classes would absolutely accelerate my path to full-time surface pattern design.

  • This opportunity would be a Godsend for me. I’ve struggled for years to find my place in a career & I keep coming back to the creative industry. I never really gave it my all until now. I’d really like the chance to improve my design skills & prove to my daughter that with determination & courage, all things are possible. My dream is that one day I am able to support her and myself as a surface designer.

    Thanks Bonnie & Rachael!

  • These modules from MIID would help me a TON right now to help me: further develop my personal design style, understand more complex repeats, and understand how to get noticed by my ideal clients. Plus, I want to connect with more pattern-minded artists. Thanks for the opportunity, Bonnie!

  • I’ve been dreaming about these courses (after taking ALL of yours, Bonnie), but as a stay-at-home mom it’s too easy to put things off until later. I’ve started designing and sketch constantly, while cooking, during naptime. There’s inspiration everywhere and it’s so exciting! I’d love to take the next steps, especially learning more about color and signature style.

  • I have young children and also work part time. There is a lot of stress and uncertainty at work and i have decided if i follow my passion outside of work then I won’t mind that I’m not in my dream job, as I will still be pursuing my dream. Surface pattern design is my dream.

  • Hi Bonnie and Rachel. Your skillshare courses Bonnie are awesome, I loved all of them and I have been wanting to take the Make It In Design courses as well. This would be such an amazing opportunity to take my passion in design to the next level and share my creativity with others. Thank you for sharing your creative selves and encouraging others to do the same.

  • After 7 years of stay at home mummying I am finally starting to pursue my dream career as a surface pattern designer. These courses would give me direction to turn my designs into patterns, much needed help with illustrator/photoshop and valuable industry education and knowledge.

  • After 7 years of stay at home mummying I am finally attempting to pursue my dream career as a surface pattern designer. Theses courses would give me direction to turn my designs into surface pattern, much needed technical help with illustrator/photoshop and education & knowledge of the industry.

  • 2015 saw me attend drawing classes, start painting acrylics, learn to doodle, design my first characters, and learn surface pattern with MIID Summer School! With ABSPD, 2016 will hopefully see my thoughtful observations and conversational imaginings come to life in hand-finished surface designs for the home and gift markets.

  • For the past three years I have been set on learning and becoming a surface pattern designer and illustrator. I started this journey taking online classes and self teaching myself or trying to. As of now I feel like my wheels are spinning out and I need help moving forward.

  • Oh my, how I would love to win this! I have been faffing about now for years, dreaming of surface pattern. After uni I settled a little too well into family life, leaving my dreams on the back burner, now this competition could steer me in the right direction. Thanks

  • This prize would enable me to transition from my current service-based freelance writing and graphic design business to product-focused surface pattern design. I am preparing to have my first baby overseas this summer and would like to create and launch a home-based creative studio and online presence this year.

  • I am posting on behalf of my human. As a cat, I see her dilly-dallying about, drinking hot tea and wasting time on Pinterest. The ABSPD modules would be a boot camp for pattern design for her and provide an income for catnip. Thanks, I must now lay on the windowsill.

  • Here in rural southern Italy there is not much opportunity for surface pattern design! I would love to learn how to use the internet better to sell my work and connect with a community and how to use Illustrator to make all the wonderful patterns I have in my mind!

  • Ready for the work that makes my soul shine, this would provide financial relief and resources to carve my unique voice in an industry of talent. Support from this community, rather than working toward it alone, would foster my creativity, confidence, excitement, perseverance, and skills to reach my dream! Thanks!

  • Wow! What an amazing giveaway. I’ve taken Bonnie’s classes (currently enrolled in her Skillshare workshop) and I took Module 1. I would love to be able to retake Mod 1 since I was unable to complete the course due to family matters. This would be a much needed design jump start for me! Thanks!

  • Wow, how generous! Would love to win:o) These courses could help me with bringing structure and community into my efforts, making me stretch creatively, defining my style more clearly to feel and look like me and getting ready for my first steps into the big colorful professional pattern world.

  • this is perfect! to focus my creative efforts, i’ve claimed 2016 as the year of textiles — which means I’m focusing on pattern design and experiments in weaving. these classes are a perfect opportunity to hone my skills as I learn alongside others!

  • I remembered Bonnie and Rachael advices from Make it in Design and Bonnie’s classes when I was being laid off , that could be chance to do what I love. Unfortunately I haven’t being able to afford any more course, and I would love to pursue my dream learning more.

  • I am beyond excited to see these courses!! I have studied SD before but I have no doubt that these Modules will help take my applications and business to the next level!! After Mod 1&2 I would most definitely sign up for Mod 3. Just awesome!!

  • At 65 I know we are reinvented throughout life if we allow dreams to take flight. After a period of artistic dormancy I discovered surface pattern design and began to dream again. Now I need the tools and TLC you offer to soar!
    Thank you for giving of yourselves!