Traveling Green

traveling can take quite an impact on the environment, but with a little planning ahead you can reduce your impact and make a big difference. here are my tips on making your next vacation a little greener, first make sure to check these coolers are best for camping and the good thing is that they will keep your food fresh all the time!

- be sure to pack with you a reusable glass water bottle (my favorite is made by bkr) and a travel coffee mug. keeping plastic water bottles and paper coffee mugs out of the landfill will make a big difference!

- shop locally and cook as much as possible yourself. locate the local farmer's market and plan to visit for your fresh fruits and veggies.

- check the recycling policy at the place where you're staying. if they don't recycle, keep your recyclables and swing by the city's recycling center on your way out of town.

- use all natural sunscreen and bug spray - my favorite is made by badger.

- pack your own shampoo, conditioner and lotion so you don't have to use several small hotel bottles during your stay.

- try to reuse your towels, wash cloths and bed sheets as much as possible.

- practice responsible use of water and electricity. just because you're not paying for it while on vacation, doesn't mean there isn't an environmental cost.

- tread lightly. respect the local landscape and reefs by following established guidelines and clearly marked trails.

- when booking your place to stay, consider proximity. stay somewhere within walking or biking distance to the places you wish to visit.

what are you favorite green vacation practices? let's chat about them over in our facebook group!

photo by violet gray

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